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How but that's what mysterious double by looking back with the biggest all my gosh. Oh my gosh remember. Kindred actually brought back the real mysterious from hell. Oh no i brought it back here to pick my to pick your brand. What i want you to tell me how you do tricks. I want you to do all these things but if it's angry oh my is gonna kill nor norman to barely killed. Gwen stacy her. Just saying wasn't even norman. Who kills gwen stacy alright. Hey hey ready. I e heard any kilter. We don't talk out never coming back. They'll they'll talk to the road. That is something that franklin decided no longer needed to be part of the story. Now we're going to talk one more day all day. They will admit they were wrong about one more day before they ever bring up that other one. Oh no no franklin decided that was not so we can all agree that we all agree. Franklin said as a write back nope. Nope certain things don't need to be there. Have other things like what like jet black. Not being part of the university more. I don't think anyone's going to care that that that year lawson dimensioned that was twelve years two dimensions e. I think we're all get along with our lives. There's no dad. What's that what's more than doing that. Lady no just throw that in the sun. I mean he was like you know twelve at the time he knew what was going. Franklin timelines are weird. I know i know they hit door me. They have like the weird killing. Billy billy conn as a teenager the next appearance five. Yeah if nothing else. I think that maybe we start on. Power pack yeah. I'm sure i'm sure franklin said you know it normally suffered enough. Let's just restructure this. And the outlets harry stay dead call. Tonight day wasn't pretty good week all around for everybody comic book company. Even these much as i hate to say. Oh did you. Did you read these. I just read reviews. Al hathloul hung read help laser now kind of out of the house. Doing good i don't know is the last issue yet so i think next one might be the last one they did. Say it's like double size. It's i think twelve the last one but no little. I will recommend because this is the second issue by the news by the new writer. But flash this like this week's issue seven sixty four. It reminded me like a classic. Barry allen you know like over pre-crisis like kemper doctor alchemy often. It did remind me of who's the new Shining okay what would it be familiar with. Kevin kelly or kevin shin- tunnels but the names offer modem. Either but i mean even like the. I like the arts good But yeah like. I said airlines like some old school slash. I think you might like it. Is he indian prison. Or what happened back out. They're bringing they bring them back. Well he broke he well. He broke out and he's trying to like the power from philosopher's stone and and then there's like a heist where he's like trying to pick up some of the metal men tack. I guess is going to help him do some stuff here. Okay but i mean. And i don't appear in irish aren't married but they're they're like they're like together some living together. I mean there's lots of thurston conspiracy in iris moments in this Workless maybe maybe not really vitamin guy. Shut to justice league dark since we're talking. dc yes. They need all the help they can get. Go ahead charlie i am. I love this story. I mean you know. It may not be for everybody. You know concentrating here. He is all dying and constantine dies and dies and by the end of it. It's kinda cool. Where basically in order to defeat the upside down man. The tana basically bonds herself with upside down man. So you know. He has to feel the cost of maverick. It's kinda cool that great little scary an end cap but i enjoyed. It really enjoyed it. I don't know if constantine's really things that i'm going to go out on a limb and say they're okay they didn't alternate universe and yada yada yada but we get heck today powered One woman this which is kinda cool we get. Also that i activate. What's his name khalid but his uncle comes in and he died. He's too because he's around. They really they are the basic. Everybody gets dead. Everybody gets a great death. Death wrote death has the basically says. I don't want to lead to die for this taking the power back and i'm going to be the one that does the hotel. Oh hey we get a great rock the vote. dc page here don't want the i saw that know. Basically that whole hey. Fascism is a bad thing. so don't do fascism. Let's of vote because democracy is cool kids Which virtual headquarters in animal crossing. Why freaking if you'll be on twin among us. Why the heck mind here. Billion dollar corporations are drying black. Lives matter t-shirts in their comics. To make a point. It's like this is not radical left anymore. Yes these are common human decency. Let stand up for that. Oh by own my lord. I don't want to fuel. Charlie's speculation. But no i said about John constant help blazer number eleven. it's the first two part story like the last he might be. Daddy might not go well. We'll know about it's about this demon like he says like over the years like in the modern times. He's come come into power through political. Means like fueling people people's paranoia and you know it's like oh talk was you know you know framing. It is us against them. You know the outsiders and deal it. It's eight margaret's disaccord. It's they're talking about politics hitters even the panel where the guy standing next. What's his face. The head of all of it. All i do have to shout out. Almanac 'cause i'm a teenage mutant ninja turtles fan. How can i forget. Last number one was that was good. Okay it's kevin in peter bridenstine All my dad's like everything that you want like it's just so much lower in the art was great in the stories. We know word going. But it's okay because we're willing to take that journey. We might have been there once or twice before blake.

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