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Will headline. We're lead the bonnaroo twenty nineteen lineup. Also, so long. Childish gambino. We'll be there as well. The brothers luminaires. I don't know. I you ever. Yeah. Well, I guess I have been to a couple of those big. Haven't been to a multiday festival, but I've been to the all day. Hell, yeah. Yeah. I don't think. I don't think I'm up for those anymore. Especially if it's post Malone and Cardi B throw it that. And you're not up for post Malone. No, I've done a little investigating of post Malone, and I'm more pre Malone. I'm post Mari sold out. Is that what you're saying? I'm postmodern Malone on not. Yeah. Concurrent malone. Bama garrison says he's thirty nine in the party's over. That's about time. It's over vice President Mike Pence said President Trump got the impression that his predecessors wanted to build the wall. After Trump said previous presidents had told him that they should erected a border. Wells are two different things. Mike Mike Pence is he he just he had the impression. No, he said, they die talk to them. I know I know he said that I know he said that. And he what he meant was don't that? He got the impression that they wanted one. He he. For his live show by looking at people a lot of times what they they probably didn't want or not want. And I think that's where that came from. Let's see Weaver county corrections Lieutenant was applauded by fire officials Tuesday for quickly stepping into action potentially saving a family from a serious house fire. We were county sheriff's correction Lieutenant Joshua. Mara Ghani was driving down in. We county. Unincorporated area notice the smoke smoke coming from a home's attic. He investigated. The smoke found out that the home was actually on fire. Occupants of the residents were not aware that the house was on fire. The homeowner was contacted by Mr. Merigo ni and said, hey, there's a fire and found out a females inside the home in bed on aware of the situation mister Mahoney was able to evacuate the homes residents and animals that were inside fire crews arrived and found out the attic was on fire. The fire was quickly growing. If it were not for the quick actions of Lieutenant Mira the occupants of the home who have been seriously injured or even die the release said. This is a bizarre story. Skip that one I'm not gonna do it. Finally,.

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