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I am a partner in a restaurant chain called poke you'll g one in anaheim in one in uh in miami in are doing really really good i own two barber shops down in southern california that was doing really really good so we've got some up i've got to rest one schools in northern california so i've done a good job of trying to diversify myself just because he also a lot of different things lawn that will hopefully help us maintain lights after uh quite done where the barber shops what cities the vote was heater nam down south in the valley receipt of than i very getting a really really well you know so i met with given the plug what what are the names they're called fainted barbara sounds like i've got this partner my wife's sister my wife says he's a boyfriend l he just one liver everything in regards to the barber shop i never have to question him i never have he he won't even like peeve that the barber shop buildings i pays the bill because i had to fix the force for fifty dollars so look stuff like that you don't think he's just he's just the most trusting guy you know one of my best friend in the entire world and things are going well force man that's awesome to here diversification definitely uh one of the keys all right so now let's get back to i guess uh the forecast when we had joined about six months ago you said i this is with us before the jones said i wanna fight jones alex and then i have to do jones again i don't know because at the time i think you were hoping evened the score than do trilogy but yeah i liked that you forecasted that day if you had to forecast now what are the face a you think you want to knock off it doesn't matter what order but what do you think is probably the three you could end your career with be happy to let sorry to do now.

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