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This is madness. This is insane. Oh, and don't tell me about schools anymore, either. We can keep teachers safe. Wash yur hands where a mast be behind the plexiglass. Let's go. You need to Proctor video way. That's fine. You know, you'll do that You'll be there on video while somebody proctor the class. It can be done much safer than keeping kids at home. Destroying parentsability to support their families. Teachers are an essential function. Get to work. Doctors do it. Nurses doing hospital staff's doing janitorial staff. Do it get to work. Our union's gonna create tombstones to show how Corona virus is going to get us killed. You should all be fired. That's what you're doing, Utilizing kids that way you should be fired. We're going to send their obituaries to the governor. Garbage nonsense. Got to work. We could do this safely. I'm not saying you shouldn't worry about your safety. I'm saying of course we could do it safely. But you say, Oh, we can't go back to school and you want to be paid the same. Got a lot of questions there to answer. A lot of questions and answers, But I I come to all of this. From a A perspective that Always goes back to OK. What is it that I've done wrong? What am I not explaining? Or what? As a parent, am I doing or what? As a person, am I doing or what? This or what? Let me now say Teo, possibly my own detriment in terms of relationships. That it is time for parents. To stop accepting the idea that one of things that you should do is send your kids to college. I am hearing story after story about people who send their kids to college and the kids come back hating them. Angry about this anger about that you'd understand about history. You were taught all wrong. You don't understand your white privilege. Kids who start fights with parents because this is what they're taught to do on college campuses. You send your kids University of Michigan? Your kid comes back. A remarkable vicious leftist. Well, what did you expect? The question is, why did you pay for it? I understand that there are many in America who want to blur. The line is not eliminated the line between adulthood and childhood and they want Children are full agency over themselves. And I argue, as I've argued many, many times. The only reason to have for a child have full agency over their body is a sexual conversation if they can have full agency over when they have An abortion or what? Ah gender that they are. Therefore they could take medications. Nothing could decide who to be in relationships with the sickness goes all the way down the line, and the job of a parent is to protect Children very often from themselves. Part of doing that is asking yourself where you sending them? To get an education or to get indoctrination. Parents need to look their kids in the eye and say I'm not paying for that. Not doing it. I love you too much. Parents need to love their kids too much. I'm gonna have more on this subject in the weeks ahead. Catch me 11 fucking Tony Cats today. Matt Bear has traffic. What's up? Matthew Wright was still in the sounds. I mean, on the great North, about 65 to 4 65 It's there on the ramp can evolve. This shoulder's not slowing us down a whole.

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