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Secretary so many other senior people we could see from dominic cummings his whole demeanor. The he's absolutely out to get hancock so that you have to slightly take some of the things he said with a pinch of salt. Though you know you'd have to take it with an absolute bucket load of salt not to some of it might be true in you say bucket soul we should win out the although dominic coming said he would provide documents to back up his claims about my ankle. Lying emerged yesterday that he has actually failed to do so. And unless that changes you'd expect and got to raise that on thursday all. I can think though it must have been like for the health secretary to watch. The hems will advise say all of this about him that committee will. I should think there was some fruity language. I mean i know from people who've worked with hancock or do work with hong kong that it's it's very very difficult. The thing about cummings as he just he has no loyalty. He has no sense of any sort of cho's so it's just absolutely no-holds-barred. It's quite difficult for an elected politician in some ways to respond to that. Because you know hancock still in the government he still has collective responsibility skin in the game as it were. He's he's still in charge of the nhs. It's quite difficult for him to respond in kind really in any way to cummings because you know he still has a job to do. Thank you mr mr speaker. The these allegations that were put yesterday and repeated by the bright will gentlemen are serious allegations and i welcome the opportunity to come to the house to put formerly on the record that these unsubstantiated allegations around honesty not true and he say matt hancock has already answered a lot of questions about these accusations since dominic cummings gaither evidence as he was on the weekend and he responded to an urgent question in the commons the day after he hasn't shied away from responding to people on. This has a no. He has this sort of central thrust affairs. Evidence really is. Were doing our best at the time every day since i began working on the response to this pandemic last january. I've got up each morning and asked what must i do to protect life. That is the job of a health secretary in a pandemic and his supporters. Say actually he was very early to see that vaccines would be important. He was very early testing ramping up. Testing would be important and they argue. That cummings was going around briefing. The press and telling civil servants not do what. The health secretary said which was quite quite undermining If matt hancock has already been able to respond to some of the things cummings said why is he being questioned. Tomorrow wise facing. Mp's in this select committee such a big deal. It's a high powered committee cliche. High hyper committee but it really is sort of senior. Mp's very senior chairs. Jeremy hunt of course was behind coach. Predescessor greg clark. Former business secretary. They're willing to spend as we saw with. Dominic cummings quite a long time getting into the nitty gritty of what happened in those early days of the crisis and they know the territory extremely well. And there's just a sense you know from the other hearings that joint committee have had that they are determined to do a sort of a first pass at an inquiry. And it certainly the closest thing we're going to get to one for quite a while and some of the key moments during the crisis at which we've really had fresh insights or new understanding into the government's thinking have been in front of this committee whether it was chris patrick balance the chief medical officer in the chief scientific adviser. So i'm just asking you on that. Crucial question of the timing of the lockdown. Were a following your advice. So i am confident that the the the ministers time we've learned things throughout from seeing key figures properly interrogated at these committees and so i think it will be quite important. Matt hancock is going to be honest about whether the full reopening should happen on the twenty first of june. What do you think he'll say about that so he was asked about this at the weekend. In fact and sounded more cautious. It seemed to me than we've recently heard from the prime minister. The prime minister's line has been. I haven't seen anything in the data. We suggest that we should delay if the data turns bad when you would you Delay the twenty first of june openings. Well we're absolutely open to doing that. If that's what needs to happen we call. It was a bit more you know. My mind is open. And he talked about this sort of race between vaccination and the disease that we have to assess what point we are in that at some point in the next week. And how that's going. I mean quite a few scientific experts. Were saying perhaps it might make sense at least delay even if it's only a couple of weeks to get a few more jobs. Dan and allow us to sort of get out ahead of a little bit more. But boris johnson will be not wanting to have restrictions and he's certainly got a lot of taurean piece breathing down his neck. I mean it's a rerun away of a kind of row that we've seen repeatedly throughout this crisis isn't it but i think we can expect matt hancock to be on the cautious side of that and i wouldn't be at all surprised if you drop some hints in that direction. What might we learn heather that we haven't known before about the way matt hancock government handled the pandemic. You're going to be looking out for. That might be new. So i'm interested to hear what he says about border controls. That's one of the issues where the government seems to have been slow to act and certainly dominate. Cummings keen to point the finger at boris johnson. And say he was very skeptical about sort of stopping flights and so on. That's an interesting question. Is one of the things that experts pick out as failing in the early stages and indeed you you could still say it's a failing now. Why wasn't india partner redlus earlier for example. I think almost anything. He says about the p. Procurement in the early days is is very important because you know there are lots of families who feel that their loved one would be alive today if they had the equipment that they needed. This was the man who was meant to be in charge of providing it be quite interesting to hear in detail his account i think of those early days and of course. All of those lockdown decisions are also still very live very interesting in particular the one in the autumn that dominic cummings but a lot of weight on the you know his description had the prime minister pseudomonas going rogue at that stage. Where was the health secretary at that time you knew. How did he feel about the fact. That prime minister was parting ways from his scientific adviser. I mean i. I very much doubt. We'll get anything disloyal from hancock. That's no in his playbook. But i think be very very interesting to see how he justified himself coming up. Could this select committee hearing decide. That hancock's political future crafted in the heart of germany's black forest. Monkey forty-seven jin is a favorite among the world's finest bartenders with an unmatched array of botanical. From juniper lavender to hand peeled citrus fruit and lincoln berry. It's the perfect spirit for income tail. And now get five dollars off your first order of monkey. Forty seven hundred dot com using the promo code. Jin forty-seven that's dr is e. l. y. Dot com must be twenty one and over valid for new customers only void where prohibited monkey. Forty-seven certainly german and certainly.

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