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Same gyco waves any liability if you attempt to become a new person except a cyborg if you choose to become a half human half cybernetic organism with lasers for is the geico legal team would be cool with that because quote laser is pretty sweet and geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more welcome back to our show there was a name that craig t nelson mentioned that i believe did not register with you chris because sometimes you've got that pop culture blindspot that's your opinion yeah you go you've got a pop culture blindspot that the name of that he was talking about scoring a touchdown for the rams to beat the packers bernie casey ring abilty it'll no okay bernie casey is somebody who definitely know who he is because let me give you let me give you the let me give you the exact name he played the head of the fraternity in revenge of the nerds yep lamb the lamb the lambda the national fraternity okay that is see bernie casey and he was in tons of movies then how is that a whole my popcorn i man you don't know who year you you know who he is from revenge of the nerds right that's pop culture but let me see where that one is he was in tons of stuff to oh man he passed away in the just yes just last year he played un jefferson revenge of the nerds also in spies like us that's.

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