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We could be quite L, and we have been helped to them on weapons and probably a lot of intelligence that. None of us knows about. Yes. There is a relationship. We do exchange information and intelligence because they are deathly afraid of the Iranians, okay? Shia versus Sunni, and so in the Gulf in the Gulf right on the Gulf states, very all most of them are all very concerned with Iran and their nuclear program. And the million man army give take the Iranians they have which by the way in context, we've got if you add up all active duty reserve guard and everything else word about two million. So Iran has conventional army half the size of ours. Yes. Not as well equipped. Correct. But they do have an air force. They do have a navy. They have all the traditional weapons if you will they were pursuing nuclear weapons. They exa spe exercise in the Gulf. I've seen it personally. They exercise their their weapons every few every couple times a year, actually where they put on this way all their weapons in the in the Gulf and. To make the Gulf states. Just not it is they do. They're they're petrified. Petrified of the Iranians. I I know. For fact, I've had discussions with Emirati officials and Saudis and the mind Omanis their their their number one concern because history as we know the Iran, Iraq war and other disputes is ongoing disputes in the region over islands off the coast of Dubai with the Iranians. And so they are deathly afraid of the Iranians. And so we do work hand in glove on the intelligence side, sometimes the Saudis and other states in the Gulf, but we also know that they do have issues themselves with human rights, human abuse, women's rights. And you know, they do have terrorists quite frankly running around. All those countries including Dubai, Eric. I really appreciate you taking the time. Thanks a lot for joining up with the CPAC. We're glad to be with you live today for CPAC its final days actually tomorrow, the gatherings going to hear from President Trump, and I'll be anxious to hear what he has to say. And we'll be back in just a moment. You're listening to the LARs Larson show. It may not be stomach issues for me. It's intense gas or pain or diarrhea sometimes all at once over and over I spent years with the symptoms, but could never figure it out. No matter what I did. They never went away. So I decided to break it down for my doctor and get really specific about my symptoms. We discovered that execution pancreatic insufficiency or EP. I may be the reason for my stomach issues EP is caused by my pancreas it leads to diarrhea gas bloating stomach pain unexplained weight loss in oily stools the symptoms. Just don't go away. But EPA can show up with even one symptom. The good news API's manageable..

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