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Doug Peterson challenge a successful challenge. As the ball is placed now at the four and a half yard line instead of the three and a half where it was originally spotted. So it's second goal from there. It's an eleven play seventy three yard drive ongoing right now for the Dallas Cowboys kept alive by the fake. Punt a third down a short conversion this has been a very efficient workmanlike drive for the Dallas Cowboys that involved a little rolling the dice by Jason Garrett and Jason been under a lot of heat in Dallas for being too conservative traditional. They've been a little different tonight. Second goal the wall in between the four and five yard lines to receivers plus the tight end left to the line. Single wide riders gallop Prescott in the gun with Elliott to his right Prescott. Run a design quarterback. Drawn Prescott dropped by Cox at the four yard line. Fletcher. Cox shrugged off the block and threw him down. Now third goal. People wonder why you know, why do you challenge a play where you might only pick up a yard or yard and a half. And I think that your answer right there. You're inside the five yard line. They're going to run the football. You gotta make more every down. Gallup and Cooper. We'll go to the line Beasley and swam to the right Elliott stays in the Prescott in the gun on third down a goal at the four sway motioning slot right side. Now Prescott along the right hash gets the chestnut. Shotgun snap looking right? Nobody opened looking what pressure. It was Michael Bennett who was blocked behind the Prescott and Prescott backed up. He tripped over Michael Bennett who is happy to oblige by pulling it down for a sack at a field goal unit on for the Cowboys. And I'm surprised they went after the right side of their offense, which put them up against Darby. And Malcolm Jenkins, arguably the two best players along with Fletcher Cox on that defense when.

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