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Number two so why do they send danny wrigley and this is the one like they're all like yeah you should have come here after drago died in it's like well hey y'all have mentioned it in unknown brought it up noone made me go no one asked me to go known told me to go is it just as simple as of the fact that when danny engaged with blood magic when she in yet howard each everyone fled and they don't want anything to do with her i really think that certainly didn't want her in their secret city i think it's really that simple and also a rumour has been a lotta time of the deaths raqi can speak their language he knew what a dangerous and fraught situation it is because you know as we said before the defecting will have a lot of rules but one of the rules they have is they don't fuck with which is and blood magic and danny was like hey let's sick this blood which on oncall drago and so it was a very dangerous time for her number three tyrian when various finally returns odu took it time incredible delivery as always on the line and it really shows how painful the last few minutes have been which should be due to pass the time this is when they're having their famous a drinking a scene which we did pass the time which we talk about you speak nineteen languages says miss any use occasionally use them to talk about things and then he says again a wise men wood said that the true history of the wolves the history of greek conversations in elegant rooms which sounds like a the fucking header of cigar magaziner sumptiousness closet and ms and he says he said this me just now and then you know groom so we do not drink until you do.

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