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Series Cobra Kai, based on the Karate Kid movies, has been nominated for best comedy. Cedric The Entertainer will host the Emmys in September. We have a crash on the five and when a park this one's on the North side just before Beach Boulevard, it looks like all the activities been pulled into the center divider, but traffic is sure a mass leaving the five Set out to Hollywood with Michael Brian KF Eye in the sky sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com and we just had a little rear ender Come up here on the five out of such say the 111 of what North fat It looks like just about Hollywood Boulevard, where the number three lane right now that's quickly backing up through Melrose. Lot of the slowing lies ahead from Highland. Working way through the cook cling to pass up towards the Universal city. Now the south, one of one that's pretty well loaded up, leaving Hollywood Boulevard down through downtown Los Angeles. Now, if you're heading into downtown into East LA Interchange on the 60 little deep, fewer there or legal delay, 60 westbound approaching the five split there. Clearing out of the two left planes and on the right shoulder as well. And that's unusual sawing back towards the 7 10 injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Mike O'Brien KF pie in the sky. If you're using Laurel Canyon to miss the one Oh, one. It's pretty champ up north beyond leaving Hollywood Boulevard. All the way to Mulholland KF Eye in the sky helps get you there faster. I mean, Joe Martinez. Saddleback High Center Dr Charles Munger. That's where you go with bad vision. I mean, put your glasses on or your contact so you can get there. You don't wanna wander off the freeway. But when you get there Doctor. My anger will give you the laser light placing example. Laser light lacing exam. Uses a laser to measure your eyes over 1000 times and perfectly maps your vision. And you can get this exam for free. If you one of the 1st 14 k f I callers to make an appointment. Now I'll give you the phone number in seconds..

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