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Shackleton sets in the mud scanning the beach. It's the middle of the night and the sludgy surf is lit only by the moon. The rest of the crew are sleeping inside a small cave on the side of a but shackleton can't sleep. He keeps thinking of his men back on elephant island. He needs to reach civilization and find a ship to rescue them before winter sets in. There's only one problem. The whaling station is a hundred and thirty miles away by boat and they're in no state to sail. We'll be fighting the wind and they could easily be taken back out to sea and never find the island again. There has to be another way. He walks along the beach looking up at the icy slopes above so tall. He has to crane his neck from the c. It was a welcome beacon on land. It's an obstacle frank. Worsley joins him. It's late skipper. You should be sleeping wars. Leon's it's my turn for the watch go back. I'll cover your shift. Wordsley shakes his head. I'm okay what were you thinking. Boss shackleton looks up at the cliffs. I'm thinking the only way through is over. How long you think it would take to cross the island on foot. Worsley follows his gaze three days. Maybe four but no one has ever done it before. I don't think all the minimal survived the track but maybe if we take the strongest algo shackleton nods good man over rest up for a few days and then head out when we get to the whaling station. We'll get help for the others on may nineteenth. The men are up early. Three will travel in all shackleton worsley and crane travel light no sleeping bags or tents just three days worth of food and one small stove to climb. they'll bring a small axe and fifty feet of rope. The only item not necessary. That shackleton allows is frank wars lease diary. It's important they keep the record of their journey. Shackleton makes one last check and then nods head. Let's do it. Turns to the other three men and shakes their hands mcneish. You're in charge in my absence. He thinks back to mcneish one man rebellion when they were still on the flow when the carpenter refused to push the sled any further but mcneish is a capable man and they have enough local wildlife to survive. Take care of the boat mcneish. I'll be back to relieve you in a few days. Then shackleton motions towards leeann crine and they begin a long climb up the steep slope above them as a saddle in between the jagged peaks and hopefully away through. If luck is on their side will reach civilization in seventy two hours. We get support from carmax. Maybe you've got a car sell or maybe you're looking to trade in or maybe you're lying in bed at two. Am wondering what your car is worth. Well wonder no more describe your phone and had to carmax dot com. Enter your license plate answer a few questions and in two minutes or less you'll get an offer for your car. That's good for seven days. Now you're in the driver's seat with a full week to shop it around and think it over and carmax will buy your car even if you don't buy there's how cool is that so don't lose another minute of sleep wondering what you can get for your car know where you stand with an instant offer from carmax real offers.

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