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We agreed doctor during his fomer to speak to deputy city attorney Liz Greenwood regarding her typhus her running with typhus, which is horribly illness. Bought me, our we're going to hear about Earth Day and free public transportation, Los Angeles Ross gonna talk to Mike Gomez. Let's see what this is here liens, give me something from it. Yeah. But yeah. So it'll be interesting to talk about hear her side of it. We saw her interview on TV. But I, you know, I'm just curious to see how they because I think there's been some questions about how they treated her about how I think she wasn't. I don't know if she was fired. And then they let her back in, you know, there's so many questions I have and just become treatment of her. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then not believing and all this stuff. So through the deputy city attorney lives green. We're Liz welcome to the program. Thank you very much. I tell you what an honor it is to talk to you. What is our privilege and following the story. Yeah. I've seen a lot of typhus in my days of practicing medicine because their practice in Pasadena typhus is is endemic right by own son got it. And when I saw the rat explosion, Los Angeles. I immediately started ringing the alarm bells that that's going to be a major type is operate. And last summer was a small version of what we're going to see this summer, and you unfortunately, one of the victims. Yes. As a matter of fact, when I was because initially I came down it presented in me as meningitis. And when I was finally diagnosed on the twenty seventh of November. My mom was was looking things up on the internet, and she came across your YouTube videos, God too much and talking about typhus talking about and talking about how the the it was only going to get worse in the city until the city administration. Tackled. The problem of yes. Which primarily means getting rid of the encampments rank. That's the only way it's going to go away with at least the trash and the feces run the cameras because as long as there's concentrated humans and concentrate, a trash, there are massive rep looms, right? And what are they doing? What are they? What are they doing about? It. They according to what they're telling everybody. I don't actually know what they're doing Cutty. It's not a problem. They send me an Email after Email telling me there are no homeless folks around city hall and city hall. What are you talking about? We see. On the front of the brush around the city hall is vibrating with rats. What are they talking about? I I don't know what they're talking about. Every time. I've driven by there. I stop and take pictures. So I have pictures of encampments, and I send them, and I say this is what I'm talking about. They send them to our HR departments. And they send me a picture of a planter in say, see, no homeless people. Oh my God. Oh, it's it's very it's like some really intense denial. But it, but it's weird denial. It's like it doesn't fit their sense of the world. Therefore, it's not happening. Right. So now when the roads were being cleaned up. And they said, oh, oh, maybe we do have some fleas wasn't that done in city hall and not even city hall east where you worked do they leave the carpets and everything down where you had contacted the are contracted typhus when herb Wesson when when the story broke when my story broke at on. I think it was the thirty first of January per west and came forward and said that right around the time that I became infected his staff members are rats and had fleas jumping on them. And that's why he pulled up the carpet. Now that was in city hall, which is across the street from city hall east, but they're joined by a bridge. It's and hope lesson has called me and expressed his condolences, and and told me that he would do whatever he could help me the when I went back to the office on Friday because I finally got released to return to work when I went back to the office. It looked exactly the same. The carpet hadn't been cleaned the building hadn't been cleaned. There were still homeless folks out in front of the building not as many, but they were still there. And I went upstairs and tried to work but in order for civilization, and I used that word with intention in order for humans to concentrate in these circumstances, we call cities that are civilized. We've known for eight hundred years that you have to control the rodents and the vectors and have sanitation. What have sanitation? What is it about our city that they've decided the basic needs of civilization are no longer warranted? It. It makes absolutely no sense to me and has not since I found out what it was since. I got diagnosed that the this is exactly the opposite. They the city attorney's office has consistently done. Exactly. The opposite of what I would have done. If this case had landed on my desk. In my first thought is you've got to protect the other the other employees in the Bill, of course, that comes into the building just to do business with and in the city of LA every day. But that the admitting they have a problem. Except if you have people if you have to county health department saying there's a typhus outbreak downtown around where the offices in one of your employees gets the disease. I'm not sure how you can deny that you have. What I wrote letters to the the various departments. What I got back was. It's a mild illness still make so much of it think about that. Can you imagine I want you to describe what it's like to have this disease? And by the way, it kills people. No problem. I was fairly certain that. I was not unconvinced that I wasn't going to die. I realized I said that poorly. I'm sorry. I I was fairly. It wouldn't have surprised me. If I died. That's how sick I was wh-. What did it feel like what did you go through? What were the symptoms? I I woke up with a headache on Thursday morning November. I and I had family in town from New York and the headache got progressively worse and worse and worse so much. So this this particular group of family members, we never we get together. Maybe once every three years, so I would move heaven and earth to go to this dinner. I couldn't leave the house. I cancelled when I woke up the next morning. I had one hundred and two fever, and my equilibrium was gone. If I got out of bed. I would either fall on the ground or walk into walls. I couldn't eat everything tasted like metal. Oh, I don't know quite how I knew what metal tastes like. Right. Like metal. Did you get the the hand the soles of the feet and the palms burning? I didn't get that. But I didn't get that. And I didn't get a rash by my son. Couldn't walk his feet hurt so much. He couldn't pain. Bump it's literally and inflammation of the software. This is a vascular is the vessels in the periphery caused by the time you went to the doctor, and they thought initially you had meningitis. But then you did get diagnosed for sure with typhus. Yes. When I woke up on Monday. So did your son. Forgive me. Visit did he have police nations? I had hallucination you're sound. You're you get a cerebrovascular something you were sort of heading towards that. At least you had a minute NGO, vascular Edison. And it's you know, when it's central nervous system illness. It's more severe it was it was terrifying. And I woke up it also it really diminished. My my thinking ability horse. I woke up on Monday. And when when people talk about meningitis, they say, oh, worst headache you've ever had. Yeah. Really? Yeah. Back. It's not just a stiff neck. It's you physically. It's like your muscles have seized. Yeah. Painful, and so I woke up like that. And it took me a few hours to realize, oh, fever headache, ever stiff neck, this is really bad. So I went to the doctor. He diagnosed me with viral meningitis the city had cut off my health insurance. So how do they do that? They I ran out of sick time. And they they are not an employee. I'm an employee. It's but they can cut off your leg. I I guess I don't understand how the city works. They can cut off your insurance Mike when you run out of of sick time. They don't pay you, and they cut off your benefit. Oh my gosh. So I dealt with even though you got sick at work. Even if you're sick at work. Show. But I didn't know at this point. I just thought I had meningitis no typhus yet and caused by fleas at work. That's what I'm saying. You got sick at work caused by something from work. Right. So I went to I went to I called my doctor. He said go immediately to the emergency department. I wanted to be seen by someone. I so I went to a physician he diagnosed me with viral meningitis and sends me home with a steroid that should calm down my Menendez and doxycycline it's the right medicine for typhus to seventy the right one is an antibiotic. So I started getting a little bit better every day. I assumed it was steroids because steroids always make you feel better by a true. I went to my GP the next day. And he said as long as you're feeling better. Don't go to the emergency department gave me a very stern lecture about putting my life at risk by going to the physician instead of going to be. But said just to keep in touch with him every day, and as long as I progressed in getting better that I didn't need to go to the hospital. Yeah. So he gave me three more days of the steroid. And I finished the steroid and finish the dock cycling and was your son exhausted. Oh my God. He was he was he was in fifth grade at the time, and it was just it was ten days of hell. Yeah. I, but I knew I went to the PO Tricia said this is typhus. I know it I could see the ration his pom. That's that's what this is. I'm sure of low behold terrible. So I just assumed it was meningitis, which is what the doctor assumed. And I was at home on November twentieth. It was two days before thanksgiving and try and figure out how you got sick, especially when you're at home stuck in bed. And I remembered that the mayor when the county had had issued the the announcement about the typhus epidemic. In downtown. The mayor had sent around an Email. And so I, you know, Google typhus, and it had so many of the same symptoms, including meningitis that I called my doctor who God love me. Your God love him had was humoring me at this point told him. You know, this many people have gotten typhus around my office, and he said come on in and get a blood test. Then called me a week later and set an all of his years of practice. He'd never had a patient tests positive for this. But I did I have because I he he does he was at Pedro where you are. Yeah. That's where it's rare in the past. It's not it's rare. But it's unusual this out rare. And so I've seen many many cases, and we're going to see it a lot all throughout the southern California area this summer, and my grave fear is the the typhus is not the only rat born flea-born illness. That's coming our way. They're more serious things. That happens when civilizations breakdown not the least of which is. A term most people know it's called bubonic plague. That's what comes up when when these things break down. And why they think that's not gonna happen..

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