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And you know what you just mentioned with Retro Future but I want to rattle off some scenarios to you and you tell me how someone would dress during this apocalyptic scenario. This is going to be fun. This is like the lightning lightning round of costuming. Alright I one One that I had to go to nuclear apocalypse like nuclear fallout a nuclear fallout. I mean then you're talking about like having to dress for like what's the environment outside is probably isn't safe for your skin so so we're talking like materials like tie or like different kinds of plastics needing to coat your body working with armor breathing apparatus to just make sure that it's a safe for you to breathe outside and you don't burn your lungs out. There's so many people probably making a checklist of things that they now need to stock their bunkers with. Yeah and then. You're also like in terms of like what you're going to have to deal with. The people that have do like are physically deformed from the nuclear fallout. Protect yourself from the news that comes out of their wounds. That or like I'm thinking like maybe you have growths and things and then having to tailor around that that's something we have like a giant hope. Yeah like like how? Are you going to dress elegantly? Cover that or conceal the third arm that has grown out of your chest. Yeah basically or does that need an extra sleep? We don't know go with it. Just throw a little glitter on and go dancing. It's fashion honey from party monster. It's like one of my close friends. Partying month -cluded party Munster You did say plastics. I'm guessing these it'd be recycled plastics. Yeah probably I mean when you're thinking t- topic suiting like when you get a tie jumpsuit from lights. Let's say the hardware store. Those are things like you would probably find a workshop or something like maybe averaging this land you stumble across like an artisan craft workshop. Especially we wear these things when we're constructing things out of fiberglass like to protect your skin that's something you would pick up or like okay. I stumbled across this tarp. And that's what I'm going to use and I'm GONNA fashion my costuming out of tarp. Just whatever you find plastic bags probably wouldn't be the most careful but maybe you know you're using plastic bags like stuffing for installation. Not them all together and make like a bell rope or something. There's multiple uses for braiding it to do some sort of cool maccarone of futuristic. Poncho designed like I can. I can go on for days. Jews ponchos a good name for a band. Check out my new post hardcore band Poncho. Okay all right next. Scenario kind of similar to a nuclear fallout The Zombie Apocalypse. Which I think the biggest thing you need to protect yourself with is the other humans that aren't zombies during his Ambi- apocalypse. Yeah This is where in an ideal situation I would tell you. The Leisure is best. Because it's things that are easily breathable things that can help you move quickly to different situations and honestly you don't WanNa wear anything loose and flowing because you're easy to grab it's true so you WanNa wear things that are tight to your body and you're GonNa be walking for a long time. Yeah so I mean Sports Bras and Gee I if I was in his army apocalypse. It'd be like sports bra pair of jeans and probably cowboy hat. Yeah but do it. All glitter aviators and something tough. What are what I wear. I mean you you have. To polarized sunglasses will protect shoe from the harmful. Uv Rays. Yeah I sell sunglasses fucking Shit. Well I mean you want to just be able to quickly have anything on you so I think essentially in there. Would you definitely need a backpack? Some sort of a pack to keep all of your gear on you but like for me. Good pair of trainers fitness leggings. Like same thing as you sports bra close fitting tank top like attract jacket anything and like hat to protect you from the Sun. Just easy peasy. And he's a question. Yes in the Zombie Apocalypse. You need to protect yourself. Can you accessorize your weapon to make a fashion? Yeah I think you can like that's what I'm saying like you can do. F- Leisure you can do it fun and same thing with your weapon and your backpack like. I don't like I know we all my God walking dead barbed wire on a baseball bat fashion. Yeah it's kind of fun and I mean it also like there's a way for like to be form and function at the same time so I mean you can have this like tight fitting costume or whatever to make sure it's easy for you to move and it's breathable and everything but you know you can have fun with the color. You can have fun with the pattern. You can add barbed wire two things. I mean you're just any of these scenarios just finding whatever works if you can scavenge a soir soir the Accra. Why am I not able to say it? Swab the crystals. Why am I not able to say swore off score off Ski Crystals? What is my problem? Today you're able to mind one of those you could dazzle like a pick axe or an regular acts. I would love to have a bedazzled Axa apocalypse. I want everything to just be highlighter. Yellow just like head to toe full neon. Like I'm thinking like fabulous killjoys sleeveless like red hair basically Gerard way. I won't wear the mask though I know and then I want to be like mirror glitter ball. Hal May end like on a bicycle. Just like biking away from zombies on like a neon yellow bicycle with flames by those shoes with wheels on them. Healy's the healy's yeah just they can help you get downhill from Zombie pretty fast. Yeah I mean any of that stuff of like inline. Yeah that's a danger. Yeah you gotta be careful. You also gotta just like be Agile. Isn't that Giles cat? That's why I kind of like a more into the idea of like if you had a bicycle or rollerblades or something to be able to get around and maneuver around these people. I mean you'd probably if you rollerblade it in the Zombie Apocalypse. You've learned some sick. Like hockey stops pretty do could duck under like giant vehicles and stuff. You could do a whole like hockey themed Zombie. Post-apocalyptic look like a matching cool hockey stick. And like maybe tach and Ice Skate Blade to it and ask. Oh yeah this. One hundred percent that would be my post apocalyptic Zombie look okay. We'RE GOING TO SWITCH GEARS. A little bit a dystopia apocalypse. We're talking nineteen eighty-four equilibrium. The Great Movie Christian. Bale kicks a bunch of ASS. You know it's not your we're not like trying to survive but we're really trying to survive in a society that's dangerous. I mean it's that's aldous. Huxley's brave New World. It's like having two so my yourself and do it like just an existent very neutral color Palette because I feel like it would really depend on the dystopia like there's a bunch of different like is it like dystopia under like technocratic society. Are we talking all Garki? Are we talking about like a totalitarian? I I do break down other one. So let's say it's like I think one thousand nine hundred equilibriums. I'm thinking like blacks. Craze obviously suits. Yeah so you don't pop out you don't stand out in the man doesn't like yeah look at you. I mean I think in that society. We'd have to look at the society. As a whole is like is the fashion mandated by the regime. You're living on like okay. I don't wear colors and things because I don't have access to those materials like my only given this one jumpsuit. Suit Pants like I'm not giving an option so I kind of. I'm only allowed to work with this. But like maybe you figure out your way to rebel against the man like a hidden closet of like just colorful outfits or you take your like gray jumpsuit and you get access to some arts and crafts materials and you just make it your own like you know you do your own embroidery using what like. Maybe you have access to plastic bags and things we can make your own threads and everything and do your own embroidery designs and that's like something maybe you don't get the warehouse but you get to wear it in your bedroom yourself. I wish I could be this all the time. Like I'm fully me right now. So there's there's the one that you present society to protect yourself and then the fun one that you do at home. Yeah I mean as long as there's no cameras constantly filming you while you're at home in this dystopia but there isn't a breakdown. An authoritarian government apocalypse. I'm thinking like hunger games where everybody's like split up into tribes or different classes and stuff like that. Yeah so when we think of like the uppercrust they're going to be able to be as opulent and luxurious as possible. Because I mean we often talk about the correlation of wealth and class in costume design and just in like talking in terms of sociology into studying. Like how class structures are in modern society? Even like when you do that. Far Futuristic thing the most opulent luxurious people are going to show that they have well. Yes like so expensive materials velvets brocades different colored hair silks. Yeah you don't have to really work. You don't need to be practical. Do you know what I mean so like we were talking about the lowest ends of people that are like maybe factory workers are people have to work with their hands. They have to think about practicality. I don't WanNa get stuck in machine gear as well. I'm like manufacturing these goods upper-crust people where the upper crust people can be as Avant Garde and ridiculous wore heels that are like ten inches. Yeah ten inch tall heels. Maybe I've got an entire like shirt made of beetle wing so it's so fragile but I don't have to move around a lot. I get to tell other people what to do so I can just wear whatever something that is Just around the corner don't know I think it's entirely possible. I mean the late stage capitalism and like. Just the unchecked oligarchy. That's going on in this country It's entirely possible because we're seeing. The wage gap divides so much. And I don't that is the most plausible apocalypse to me. And then you then think about what would be if in that situation. What would the rebels wear? Yeah if you think about rebellion because like we're thinking about rebellion and like dressing yourself to like rebel. You know speak your mind and kind of work. These oligarchic forces but also living in a society where under constant surveillance in the way that we are so you need to be like you know you need to blend in as a crowd like what is that gang of the rebellion. Look like yeah. I mean you can go and look at like protesters and Bolivia and South America. And it's probably like literally. That's what I picture like facemask completely trying to make sure you look as genderless as possible and just hide your identity so nobody can trace you but you can still like carry out the acts that you see moving forward and different groups. Have you seen Lady Gaga New Video? Stupid Love I've seen photos. I haven't been on the Internet well this week..

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