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Hiring position have also been found. We still includes and also been since being arrested so issue of unemployment and poverty. But however the issue of criminal activity ed's in dan figuring this whole looting spree now on top of those arrests that sucks any mentioned the rioting and the looting has as of today largely ended in south africa after the government of the current president. Cyril ramaphosa deployed police. And even the army to quell what some. Anc politicians have been describing as an insurrection. An intern sucks any says. A series of pace committees have been set up to address some of the underlying issues too. Although he says there is still a lot of anger yes so to find out about the potential political impact of that. We went back to jeffrey. Hawker look in the aftermath of of the violence that we've seen in the last few weeks you know we've heard about some peace committees in durban for example I mean do you think that this wave of violence is over and is it a satisfactory resolution if sorry are do think that we'll see tile off the ramaphosa response as being pretty strong. It took a while but the disciplined services of might a difference. I'd add about it and south. Africa for veteran for woods has a has quite a lot of army and police to be deployed although it takes awhile and that's the whole zuma trial. I mean he's in child not because he's been found guilty of the charges that still pending against him but because of his contempt of court. Now we're stupid. I have the mind face as it were. It's gonna take a while since the legal proceedings a.

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