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Like in my collection that'd be it but like I mean it's part of you look back on this kid that grew up in the mid west and go man like who who would ever thought you now it's crazy a you know that's the thing about I did a documentary you know not not less than a year ago with politics in that documentary explained you know where I came from in a small town in Nebraska cheese it's my dream to California really didn't have money came out here to chase pro motocross career I didn't make it in motocross and went into freestyle motocross and took a lot of chances and help build actions I xe games in so many good stories you know and I was able to guys like Jesse James who helped build on my dirt bikes which is pretty cool and I kept them all because I knew one day those jokes it'd be ask and so we're starting to break them out now but the story goes you know is coming from a small town in not taking no for an answer in going against the grain and take it chances and not wanting to go back in the end of the day I think it's still happening to this day I still have that drive of like small town kid trying to go against the odds a and I can't believe all the people I've met a lot of my heroes you know like a lot of my heroes when I was a little kid pictures of Ricky Johnson on my Wall Jeff Ward now those calls damn you know all the time we talk all the time never would I thought when a little kid those are my heroes it'd be my friends right so but that just in reality shows that it can happen right that can happen you talk about small town and I know like I'm from a small town matt you guys are small town you're or Matin Josh but it's like I feel like some of us that upbringing you know and like you said that blue collar work ethic like I know me like even to this day I do pretty well for myself obviously I think all of us sitting here do well for ourselves but like scared like to me like at some point the rugs GonNa be pulled out from under me so it's like you still to this day it's like you have the drive to do to do more and go farther you know it's interesting I think about that yeah because it's in my contracts right if I start losing deals but it's pretty funny like I'll let it out of the bag but like the in contracts if you ever had an athlete contract says in there if you get arrested for something like a felony right they can take your contract but I put in there said Noah asked to be convicted of a film anyway militia days and ah obviously things have changed with family but it's cool 'cause it my my era I was able to be a racer supercross dead serious about racing winter free we were partying and being crazy sentence image of the militia next games in and then went back to racing and then family but it's kind of cool because even I still to this day besides screw up and have my bad days but I'm still always can just blame it on the militia right I ask Cilicia one thing I've noticed Oh you Brian is you've you've kind of turned into a pretty awesome inspirational dude man a lot of your posts are is not I'm just raw aggression anymore I think it's like a settled in like fatherly kind of advice it's really cool to see is somebody who has a kid too it's cool to point to that and go yeah look at what this deeds doing with his family bank said it's cool because growing up like I said I my dad raise me I was focused on racing in that's all it really mattered to me and then I you know I as I grew up in the went through X. Games and it was really about me my buddies in we're being rebel guide yes and and we don't really care what influence we had on people like we really were doing you know gnarly things and you know and I didn't really think about the kids to be honest like because I didn't have kids you know and so once I had kids I started man everything I do or say is influencing the youth and then watch my kids get influenced by other people such as musicians or different things that I'm like man I don't really want that like certain things that are bad and then I started saying you know what that's probably not good for me to do things that can influence kids in a bad way even it does happen you know I'm human but overall I said if I have this this platform and hi can help people get better on their bad days and that's cool right 'cause I've been in that position you know of people having the bad days or or struggling to make success ben and I just felt like if I could help people with that that's cool so anyway that's kind of a thing that's just naturally progressed I guess I know it is really cool and and travel on the same thing you know a lot of guys in the sport I think that they've matured they've got married started families now they're they're putting that energy back out there in a positive way it's cool to see which I mean you could go many different ways right but Chavis Chavis had his moments right he was good goody a good guide any kind of went to party guy when we went to good guy and it's just cool whatever he's late bloomer party guys still there it's quite as public a couple of weird rally talking but is cool because he's the father now he has kids which a lot of us are now so we lot how our fathers married or have kids and there's more life than just us now so it's a different way way of looking at it talking about that I think one of the cool things you know is I know Josh dot where people really got to know you know we're talking magazines before we went onto air and things like that but it was really hard to get your story out so you have these these brief glimpses into Brian Deegan that people were judging you on you know and and then in between they saw nothing other than maybe a video you put out and things like that now like instantly you can pull your phone out of your pocket and it was like Bam you have instant access to millions the people you know and so I think it's interesting how this entire movement and just how you probably sponsorship and generating income when you first started out versus now the business model everything's completely changed man yeah it's different you know and like our big moments were X. Games you know when when we had a moment it on TV that was X. Games and once a year twice a year that still when that happened we were like oh we're going all out we're going to steal the camera time and we have to get the most out of this hour whatever it was good or bad we got the media you know and so now you have every day I wake up and do media I wake up and check media I go to bed and check media and end of the day it's all all day if I want to hire someone just go on their facebook I just go on there you go into how who is this guy right so it's too easy to research people now but it's easy to follow athletes in pick your guy and I feel like you know now I've had a good run of five ten years of being a dad and in focus on family is that I think no matter what even if someone's you know like my image I had it took a while to shake that image you know from the militia days in people was you know he's he's a bad dude or he does so he does that and people like really you don't know him you know I've heard that a lot but now it's like socials told the story right it's it's more of live by your actions is what we've done I you know the last so many years so I think even if I did have a mishap screw up people kind of go we kind of know who this dude is now 'cause 'cause social media right you hard to hide any anymore you know I heard that social come a day where you can't hide anything anymore party loves the SOCIAL WASN'T AROUND immune my buddy say that one too early thank God there was no cellphones back in our day but yeah it's 'cause everything's documented now everything aw which a it's a good thing and a bad thing but it's a much tougher generation for kids grow up in now it is just is because you're under the microscope yeah yeah so that was a little bit of a teaser with Brian deegan hopefully you got a taste of what's to come on that entire interview on project action also go and check out his show the gauge short commercial break and you know what up next we're keeping it on two wheels while four once in a while but we've got showtime Jeremy McGrath made his down and dirty radio show debut right here right now to day on the show you don't WanNa miss that it's coming up right after this on the down and dirty radio show powered by polaris razor Polaris Rider Jim beaver Irish trophy trucks professionally hosted down and dirty radio show and also travel the country announcing motorsports events I've seen it all and trust me I've done most of it so when it comes time to relax on the weekend nothing is better than taking time with my family in our razor vehicles they've got the reliability I need to just pick up and go explore the desert dunes or you and have the capability to attack even the harshest terrain if you're looking for some of the most reliable and safest and hands down most capable off road machines in the world further than Polaris in their award winning lineup of razor vehicles whether you want your daughter to experience opera driving for the first time in a razor one seventy like me take the entire family out the razor xp four one thousand on the weekend or shred the desert dunes in the all new Razor XP One Thousand Fox edition Polaris as you handle take my advice and join me in some of the best drivers in the world by driving Polaris Razor check out the full flares razor lineup of Polaris dot com or follow them on facebook instagram and twitter APPALACHIA razor anywheres possible it's more than just a slogan anywhere as possible with general tire's wide variety of tires for whatever it is that you drive whether you're looking for offroad capability balanced with impressive on road performance or ultra high performance offering all season traction design with driving enthusiasts in mind general tire has you need to get where you're going general tire providing anywhere as possible with the down and dirty radio show since two thousand twelve sir you weekend warrior have you checked on the date on your helmet recently don't get caught off guard by using an outdated helmet impact racing the leader in motorsports safety has new S. eight two thousand fifteen helmets to fit your budget whether you're looking for a helmet with a all carbon fibre shell take you to victory at the indy five hundred or just looking for some helmets for a weekend glamour impact racing has a helmet for you buy more information at impact race products dot com or on facebook at impact safety.

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