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Five WDBO Florida Senator. Marco Rubio, getting his opportunity today to speak with President Trump's. Supreme court pick Breath Kavanagh's the meeting with dozens Republican lawmakers since President Trump nominated him to replace Justice, Anthony Kennedy, on the, high court. Mr President I'm grateful to you and I'm humbled by your confidence in me today. It's Marco Rubio's turn so far the only democratic, Senator was met with Kavanagh's west. Virginia's Joe Manchin a confirmation hearing has not been set yet Ray Kapito, news ninety six point five WDBO a, seventy two year old man is dead and troopers with the Florida highway patrol are searching for the SUV that hit him sergeant Kim. Montas telling us, that happened around five o'clock this. Morning in orange city we're really looking for anybody who knows of somebody who has a Golder Chevy suburban and maybe that vehicle now has damaged or vehicles not in their neighbors, yard a, witness telling troopers, that a, woman wearing a. Shirt and blue jeans got out checked on the man, before getting back into her vehicle, and driving off. Cop killer Markeith Loyd is accused of kill also accused of killing his pregnant, ex-girlfriend Appearing in court again today the. Defense accusing, prosecutors of trying to rush the trial because of an executive order that, removes state attorney Aramis Ella off. Select death penalty cases ends in March attorneys are. Now due back. In court next Thursday today's hearing was for Loyd's upcoming murder trial of his ex-girlfriend shoddy Dixon and the couple's unborn child Loyd will then stand trial separately for killing Orlando police Lieutenant Debra Clayton the recently some residents of Avalon park noticing that are centralized mailboxes were left unlocked suspecting they possibly had. Some mail stolen we asked the postal service and they told us that they are, investigating the incident that reveal what they have learned that's far although they are apologizing to customers and pointing us to a web page where male victims can seek out help governor Scott's campaign for Senate rolling out a new television and digital ad today called Gracia's featuring Puerto Rico congresswoman Jennifer Gonzales Cologne thanking the governor I commitment to the Puerto Rican community and his work following. Hurricane Maria Meanwhile Senator Nelson's campaign releasing. A digital. Ad called gouge highlighting recent reports of governor Scott's price-gouging tax payers after hurricane Irma by giving contracts to an inexperienced contractor that also contributed to his campaign movie, pass, is, hiking it's monthly subscription rate these are the terms and conditions. That I signed to got. Really frustrating after a while each. Month it'd be like a new something else wrinkled toss into the fold customers respond responding today after being charged nine. Dollars ninety five cents a month movie pass said it is it's new rate will be fourteen ninety five a month, last week temporary service had ten service had been temporarily out because the.

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