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I recently started working from home after being in an office. This for the past eight years. I'm twenty eight and without kids yet. I'm finding it really stressful to balance my work and my whole life. My husband helps out with the cooking and cleaning but I can't help feeling overwhelmed with the thought of taking time at my work day to do anything for myself like getting ready cleaning up last night's dishes making food or doing the laundry. When I I imagine working from home I thought I would miraculously have more time to do things so far? I feel like I'm failing because I can't seem to stick to a schedule. Do you have a foolproof list for balancing work and life. I've heard different things like waking up really early or making a calendar help but so far I've not very successful got. What can you help? Jade girl get ready for a classic. Marie smackdown let's be real here. You are twenty eight years old you got got no kids and your husband helps out with the cooking and the cleaning woman you've got it made in the shade and you just don't know it. The first thing we need to do here is give you a serious reality. Check on how you're spending your time. Here's the deal you say you feel overwhelmed at the thought of taking time to do anything for yourself like getting ready cleaning up last night dishes or making food or doing laundry. How do I see the street? Getting Ready for your day. Should take thirty a minutes tops. If you are spending more time in that in the shower girl stop it. Just stop it. I don't know what you're doing in the shower should not take you more than thirty minutes number. Two to cleaning up last night's dishes dude. I cannot believe this you need to just do your dishes right after you guys eat. We do this in my house and it's called. TCU project cleanup the moment that we're done eating we call out. Pc You out loud. Everybody at the table gets up. We take our dishes into the kitchen. We put them in the dishwasher or we wash them and it's done one in ten minutes flat simple number three with food and laundry. This should not be rocket science. There are two of you when it comes to food. You gotTa keep your house stocked with healthy items Adams like veggies and fruits and just plan your meals in advance and when it comes to laundry just do it twice a week two people should not be generating that much dirty laundry. Here's the thing Jay you said you heard that waking up early or making a calendar helps here's thing you heard right. Those things do help if you actually do that. Jade I've got good news for you. I've made a new daily work scheduled for you. If you fall for five days in a row I promise you can kiss overwhelm. The by in the by seventy eight wake up an workout eight to nine shower dress any breakfast nine to twelve thirty work at girl and don't do email twelve thirty to one. Thirty has some lunch woman. One thirty to three thirty work at girl three thirty four thirty take a break. Maybe walk away from the computer. Get some fresh air or do some random house work four to five thirty work at girl and five five thirty to six thirty replied emails. Plan your next day and close up shop. You have resistance to waking up on time or sticking to a calendar you need to use my catch a flight technique. Did you ever notice that when you need to wake up at some ungodly hour like four. Am to catch a flight. He actually do it. That proves that you were capable of waking up early and get you a calendar now. The reason that that works is because the flight time is non negotiable. That's how you need to start looking at your calendar. Calendar the start times and the Times our firm you need to stop screwing around or you're GonNa Miss Your flight to the island of success. Live is those. Oh sweet here on the island. I am even double bit than McColgan drinks. I'm so glad I came to my Boss the plane. This is your mistake j you keep saying Yeah Yeah. Keeping schedule sounds good. I should do that. And then you don't Jay you've been hanging out too long. Wish should do and mean to and they are the laziest Hamas on the planet. I should do that to mean to hang out and spread through. But's it's hard to get rid of should do 'em metoo and hang out with Doodoo you said Doodoo found doodle met with your neck. It's all good old Doodoo. Just gets it done everyday. Doodoo make sure to do what she has to do. As Aristotle said and it's a tweet readable we are what we repeatedly do excellence than is not an act but a habit aristotle jade I hope this loving yet very necessary smackdown helps please let us know how it goes now. Let's hear from when you do. You have a trip for sticking to schedule or getting things done. How do you get rid of? Should you and me to those lazy mother Hovers and make sure you do what you mean to do. 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