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Of your phone calls at six one seven seven seven nine seven 937 spent a lot of time on the brawn james and his history here in boston both the good and the bad you know the celtics they owned lebron james he earlier portion of lebron's career it's really flip flopped here the last seven or eight years i mean the last time that lebron lost the game seven at all in the playoffs it came on the road against the celtics that was a long time ago and i feel like it's time i felt like it was time over the last couple of years we're maybe one of these eastern conference teams would be ready to finally at least for one year not allow lebron james to represent the eastern conference in the finals it could be this addition of the celtics if it is this edition of the celtics it means that guys like al horford jason tatum jalen brown terry rozier they played the type of basketball that it's got this team to where they are and that starts on the defensive end and that starts with marcus smart you know the celtics they were the best defensive team in basketball for the majority of the season then marcus smart got hurt and the celtics suddenly if you look at that period of time that segment of games when marcus smart was hurt the celtics fell all the way down to the bottom five in the nba in defense and then marcus came back in the playoffs and the celtics have slowly but surely returned back to that elite defensive team the best defensive team in basketball so as we sit here and we talk about ken jason tatum and jalen brown and terry rozier give these guys the twenty point out outputs that the celtics need to see from them for the celtics team to offensive lee have an opportunity to win the game it really all starts on the defensive end and that starts with marcus smart and i think it also starts with continuing to start aaron baynes red stevens has had an up and down series here as head coach of the celtics and one of the better moves that he made was inserting aaron baynes back into the starting lineup i understand the kevin love is out tonight and that might give him pause mike give him reason to reinsert marcus morris into the starting lineup but i'm one that says you gotta roll.

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