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And you do something. Just one you're not GONNA go to your rejects rotations. Go to zero. You'll get they're gonNA society. I think can relate with that pretty well. You have a patient come into clinic and they say well. I've been with knee pain for ten years. And they they go through one session or two sessions with with physical therapists and they say how come it hasn't gone away. Well you've taken ten years to to get to this point and it's probably not going to go away in two weeks and that's that's how I kind of looked at that where. Yeah if I'm GonNa ten on something doing one thing probably isn't GonNa Make Zero Order Management threaded. You can do. You can examine the evidence though you thought or thought. Examine the evidence. What's your evidence for that thought? What would make that such back so in other cognitive distortions overgeneralization in overgeneralization usually when we think about PT students. Like if you get a c I'm dumb I'm going to get on the test for the rest of my no. You're not you got one. That's all that me. But if you generalize the next Nasmyth after that you're probably GONNA get a Lotta sees. Yeah so examined the oven. All right you got onc- once was a reason why you might have got it well. I had herself late in my life. Happened it just wasn't in my wheel. So that your evidence for like maybe it would have contributed to my seat. The fact that you're dumb and you can't do. Pt School probably not true because people don't luck into PT's you have to earn your right. What do you say? There's kind of a few but you have to earn the right to be right. Reassurance against it would be like passed a bunch of tests in my life. I've had a bunch of custom peaceful if you lean into and dumb. I got one C. UNATTACHED. I'M GONNA get a variety of different are GONNA get on my test moving forward. You're probably GONNA get but if you lean into the fact like I'm a good student and these are the reasons why I am a good student. GonNa give you a better. That are feeling oh I can do the next right. Not Going to bring you two zero. Probably I mean I know that for myself you get to see. I mean you get a little nervous but not going to bring you two zero. Yeah like that. Write it down. Examine the evidence and It'll it'll reduce your temperature or you're going to have if the way you're thinking person with. I think that is like the double standard. How would you treat another person? Would you say to another person? You're done because you gotta see you say that you can't do pt school because you're GonNa and the answers. Usually no he would never go up to A. Why would you do with yourself? Why would you treat yourself remain to ourselves? Man We are. I mean our harshest critic and I've always found that. Were never our biggest cheerleader right. You know we usually look for people other people to be cheerleaders for us and we're not really looking for external validation. We're not getting it. Secondly was a place where we're pretty much laying down on the ground and then old by the way we're probably kicking a person who's laying down on the ground because where our harshest critics. Yeah all right. So that's generalizations. What else generalization renovate look at mental filter until there would be another cognitive version of you take one negative thing and you flew? All the positive happens a ton he will be like well. Things aren't going well and they'll say things are in these things aren't going well. Boom boom boom boom. And I would say well what's going right. Well this is. This is the only tend to focus on the negative things and usually it comes with a place like we've developed. I'm times what I'd like to think of as a narrative and we only looked for evidence that proves our narratives. Rife one negative relationship. I and I'm not gonNA relationships because my last two a belt but you forgot the for the before they were successful or you forgot you know the fact that whenever you go out people are interested in talking to you you know you only focus on what you WANNA see. Results are out that positive stuff and only find a negative. And if we do that what's going to happen. Feel bad right. That's GonNa make us bring us. Yeah I'm guilty of this man. Big Town I remember and I think that for sometimes people will tell me that they use it as a way to push right so if I if I'm hard on myself should have critical myself that's GonNa make me feel that's going to push me to do the next. I say fine. That's how you're using it fine. But if you're just disqualifying the positive and only focusing on the negative in keeping down. Is that really working out the way you want to write? Is it getting in the way? 'cause coping mechanisms as we as we learn like help us get to a certain place right so maybe that help you help if we're thinking about going to PT School. Maybe a lot of things that you did helped you get to. Pt School because school the different animal right and sometimes if you use those same coping mechanisms the US an Undergrad. Npt school now. They don't work for it. Well do you want to change them? This the coping mechanisms hennion. Pt School. When you go on the real world and working out for the one I think of his procrastination procrastination and we can talk about this. This is a big one that comes up but people will use procrastination and maybe they functioned the when their backs up against the wall they work really hard and that worked really well for them in Undergrad when they get. Grassley can do the most like okay. You want to keep using cocaine mechanism because it worked one or is it worth changing cigarette. Then people get the belief of like well. That's the reason I got to school. No that's not the reason young the PT School. Because you're good at ta you can remember stuff they figure with people. You have a passion for that that's like it's PT School. That was maybe one thing that helped you. The only reason he got here are the things that people do other cognitive resources that people engage in. What are what? I like to think of his jumping to conclusions. Things are mind reading. Unfortunate thing about coming to conclusions. The first one to mind reading. I know what that person is thinking do you. Do you really know what they're thinking? Are you making assumption right? This usually comes up Relational like oh I already can even come up with professors like professor gave me look and other thing and they don't like is it or did they just have like a bad breakfast or there's GonNa look at you right like we don't know but if we jump to conclusions we can be can base our behavior that professor gives us working class at professor doesn't like me now now. You don't have the desire to go up to the professor. Maybe it's your boss. Your brand new at a new job boss gives you a look like you. Don't talk with her boss. That's GONNA get your way. They're struggling in the classroom at work. You've developed a relationship or you develop an idea a person just because you think you know what they're doing let doesn't seem or fortune telling. I know that this situation is going to happen once again do you. Are you making an assumption? Like I know that if I call such and such they're not gonNA WANNA hang out do you or just because they didn't want to hang out last time you're assuming that they don't want to hang out this so we have to really watch the way we jump to conclusions because once again that can get in the way that dictates our behavior and it can make us feel downfield anxious. Louis that I help people and when we're thinking about jumping to conclusions I asked you make an assumption or you know of course I'm making an assumption. You're making assumptions. How do you want to check it? And there's a variety of different ways. You can do to check you can Ask a friend. I would think of it as like checking in with other people like all right. Do you actually know this thing or an assumption assumption? That's a good one. Ask a friend like would you do this? Would you not talk to professor? Because they gave you the look no of course not. I talked to him. Probably like the survey method. He gets survey of people that you know and trust if they give you an answer go with are there. Other distortions of people tend to use showed statements or your showed person. Jimmy doing this. This should be doing the yeah. I think so. I think get on myself like that. I tried you too much. I think it's the sugar and a half years. Well I'll tell you right now. There's nothing in life that you have to do all right. You don't have to pay your taxes you don't have to go to class. You don't have to go to your job. It comes with consequences if you don't have to do anything. And when we set up in half we never reward ourselves for doing it. So people say we're thinking about you know you don't have to study but if you set it up as a half year if you do study you don't get a chance that you'll good about that but if you say. I CHOOSE TO STUDY. You can feel good about them. I should be studying. I mean we we think about school like there's always something else you can learn. There's always something else so I should be doing this. I should be doing the place that makes sense. Yeah Yeah I'm looking back to what you were saying for. Mind reading men once I heard about this theory from Gary Vander Chuck puts out a lot of like marketing content online. But a lot of it's kind of thought process stuff and he talked a little about mine readings like dude. I'm telling you ninety nine percent of the people that you think are judging. You don't even care about you. They're not even thinking about you. Like we make assumptions about what people believe. Yeah and we have no evidence none and it's like well this person been email me back. They must not like me anymore is they could have fifty emails in their in their inbox. Just haven't got your. Oh Yeah We. We create a narrative around that of what of why we of whatever we did wrong. Why that person might not like me or whether or not paying attention to me. Is that like tribe mentality like from the like the animal part of our brain where it's like. I need to be liked because I need to be part of the group well. I think it's part of ambiguity right so when we sit in that grayer that we talked a little bit about earlier ice. We shouldn't ambiguity. We don't like we want an answer. No one likes it in the. I don't know so if there's ambiguity usually what people will do and I don't know why it's on the lancs usually filling the blanks and they usually filled with negative. Yeah I do that. And then we base it on. Then we based our behavior on the negativity. Oh because I don't know it's uncomfortable sitting. I don't know the let me put something on it. Like an have an answer whether it's the right one or not and then then I know what just feels something about. I can feel angry about it so we'll go back to the email example hasn't answered your email. We don't know why they haven't answered your email but if you make the assumption will they don't like you can get angry at that person pretty easily being depressed. What did I do? What did you do this person and not allow them to make them write me back right so when we did in that ambiguity that I don't know uncomfortable and if we we struggle with it we're going to try and force it to one opposite or the other one of the bowlers? Though the other we're such weird animals like I feel like we get in our own way from happiness. Redo Redo narrow ways a lot like I said it before. I WanNa make the caveat like even if you do this stuff not bad thank you do it all the time and it has a negative impact on you. That's when it becomes bad. That's what we have to be able to watch one of the other things. Don't worry I was gonNA say like even you're you're you're just writing it down right. It's like lay bill labeling. Our emotion like even that is going to lower temperature just a little bit. Yeah even just to see that it's ridiculous because what people what usually happens. We haven't negative thoughts and it goes unchecked and the negative thought then goes on a direction you go in whatever direction it is it might make the before anxious depressed heartfelt overly critical but what the goal is to begin to when you have a thought. We can't stop the soft toss. They're GONNA come up. You can't stop the thought but what we can do. We can do something about it when it comes right so the thought comes up and it goes on check. We know what course of talk comes out. We decided to do something about it. Write it down. Talk with someone about it. You know ask a friend about it. Would you do this live? That's something different and again. There's an opportunity to let that sought goal way. Like I said we can't go. We can't control the thoughts from coming another one. If you WANNA think about is one of the personalization the personalization are started. Like a little kid. The little kid comes into the room. Mrs Parents.

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