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Test Mike Murillo TOP news Time now on WTO T three O 7 traffic and whether an update a minute away on double DT open 19 lane Today's innovation and government report highlights the government's IT modernization opportunities Julianna Vida the group vice president and chief strategy adviser for public sector at Splunk says the log management requirement under the cyber executive order is front and center for many agencies When you start with the logs that's like the ground truth of we talk in general terms about listen to your data or go back and look at the logs and figure out where the cybersecurity event happened But that takes a lot of deep inspection And unless you have this robust data analytics platform to do it it can just be another burden If agencies want to use their workforce to manually go through logs and try to meet these requirements of the EEO but also still maintain a good cybersecurity posture that's a losing proposition So that's where we come in to talk about let's look again at your investment that you haven't Splunk and figure out how to make the best value of it Let's flunk Cara soft and their reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of Learn more at Cara soft dot com slash innovation It's Tuesday morning December 14th where the time now on WTO P is three O 8 Welcome to get a $49 furnace tuna by calling 809 for 8 Mike I'm thinking about the Yates and what it breaks Good morning to rich hunter and the double to COP.

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