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I'm Michelle Franzen the house rules committee will take up the articles of impeachment today fine tuning the measure before the full house vote that's expected tomorrow meantime a new ABC news Washington post poll is out on what Americans expect if there is a trial the poll shows an overwhelming number of Americans seventy percent saying the president should stop blocking top aides including John Bolden Mick Mulvaney from testifying if there's a Senate trial the president would not allow it in house hearings nearly eighty percent of Democrats want to hear those aids even sixty four percent of Republicans do ABC's Andy field in Washington president trump is downplaying the latest threats from North Korea North Korea has threatened a quote Christmas gifts for the United States of no progress is made on nuclear talks ahead of an end of the year deadline set by Kim Jong un president trump on Monday seem to downplay his concerns every disappointed if the something would be in the works and if it is we'll take care of it but we'll see what watching it very closely North Korea has carried out short range missile tests this year but has held off on firing off long range missiles or testing nuclear weapons Karen Travers ABC news the White House south west now counseling the seven thirty seven Max from flying until mid April it joins American Airlines and extending cancellations yesterday Boeing voted to temporarily halt production of the seven thirty seven fleet grounded for nine months and blamed in two crashes the fastest selling jetliner ever for Boeing grounded after that second deadly crash nearly three hundred fifty killed in all Boeing continued building the Max about two a day hoping for re certification at least by the end of this year it's made software fixes to the system that may have contributed to the crashes but the FAA making clear last week it still has questions and no approval will be coming this year ABC's David curly you're listening to ABC news thinking about moving to Topeka Kansas I know okay well all really fifteen thousand dollars city officials have announced an initiative to offer financial incentives to people willing to live and work in the city or its home in Shawnee county they hope that said this is going to help attract a people to sectors like animal health sciences or financial services to their at the first city to do that that's been done before no Vermont in Oklahoma they have had similar programs in the past and they the officials there say it paid off about three hundred people move there because of homework ground I bet you mean you could sell your place in California had there and by a pretty big place you know the temperature is in Topeka right now no clue seventeen degrees literal shell and others that will tell him well Brian do people freak out more about the weather than any place to live that California I mean yeah you know incident she said seventy degrees seventeen degrees of that's all I need to know right from there this report is brought you by Raley's in Bellaire things getting a little busier and eighty from Roseville eighteen minutes.

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