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Arm where he gives up no rebound. And what about the one from Zaire? Who who by the way is the shock king of the world. He he is the guy in nine aside on Monday night soccer, where you're like we just passed the ball. He loves his shot. And you wonder if actually the wastefulness might be the thing that's going in there. It's going to be an Spurs favor in the semi final near Ziad tach always chances all in favor in fairness detach, his west chances where he centered at where where he should've shot himself. Maybe that doesn't count on believable performance JJ. They had one move up. The field result in a goal. But what was it like a fourteen pass just pink bumping open up the movement? Del Piero spoke after the game, the events legend about the mazing thing about them, and he talked about the youth, and etc. He said, it's it's none of that. It's their awareness of space. How they get between the lines how they get behind you. They create triangles. They're they're like, I mean there if if you own cry God rest and was there. This is the kind of football. He would want to play this kind of football. He instituted a Barscelona. It's a thing of beauty. It is absolutely gorgeous. Did you miss key Leaney at the back? I think they missed his leadership. But the way that midfield was passed through. I wanted to talk just a quick thing about. Rinaldo and spending eighty million or whatever was on getting a man because he is money in the Champions League. That's a good decision. But if you look at the under performers in this team, Dibaba and underperformer Emory Chan not underperformer shouldn't be any event jersey matisyahu. Workmanlike? Good player. Still was a bargain by piano. I mean, he had a coupla good moments. But otherwise the second half where those guys should be taken a grip of that midfield. They were totally vanderbeek Ziya narrows, Frankie diong shown pass through them. It was a masterclass. It's an indictment on anomaly Encarta Lodhi. Seventeen points, basically, decide own believable. I really think that you know, I it's. I almost don't even want to sit here and speak negatively of eventing. I know because I really think that if the only reason we'll do that is because it's I hate to say this book because it's I acts like if I asked that same exact performance, but they're wearing like, Manchester United jerseys. Instead, we probably wouldn't have any problem with you know, L. Yeah, you've just aren't as good a team. It started with your club after the Aropa league final in twenty seventeen when United won it. And he said will we put severe who are battle-hardened Europa league finalists on United played only I ax in the final. Well, let me cut this down from here on in. There is no more only. I xe. This team has been building over the last three years on the storage ship of them. Mark Overmars and technical staff there. This is the team with a plan. And I'm telling you, Andrew there's no reason they can't win the whole thing up. There is no reason on Spurs are obviously very aware of that one thing that sort out to me, and I said this before, but I have the perfect dropped are. Company at a one point on watching Tadic Joyce dice and slice. This event is back line would own believable passing. And I'm thinking the absurdity of Southampton letting him go for peanuts out of the Premier League. And all think of was. We are. It's it's nonsense. Where's your scouts primarily the guys only thirty thirty one? He thirteen million euros was is out of the league. And he's in European Cup semi final. And he will be in my team of the yes. One hundred percent credit great. Remember his performance against Real Madrid second leg, and he hasn't stopped. He hasn't slowed down from that. By the way, on in terms of encapsulating the night last year. It was Peter jewelry when Roman knocked out Barcelona this year, it's Peter jewelry with a lovely little kind of monta. Not montage his thoughts. Summation? Yes. After the game insurance. Boys, kicked out of your old lady. The upstart the establishment. The. Our semi fun Champions League for the first time since nine ninety seven. For your.

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