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7 8 74 55 you'll be calling directly to the home office of encore energy that's one 802 7 8 74 55 A fairly new Homeland Security board has failed to get its work off the ground Just information boards director Nina jankowicz will resign and its work now on hold after furious accusations that the Biden administration was trying to silence political opposition It was never about censorship policing speech or removing content from anywhere Press secretary karine Jean Pierre saying the board was to help federal agencies determine if information was true about foreign governments human trafficking and other criminal acts Andy field ABC News Washington If an elephant is in the room is it considered a person Happy the elephant has lived at New York's Bronx zoo for 45 years but a group called the non human rights project wants to set her loose They're suing the zoo claiming that happy is an autonomous cognitively complex elephant and is worthy under the law of being considered a person but the zoo and supporters warning that a win for the animal rights group could open the door for more legal actions on behalf of other animal species in the zoo farm animals and even pets Dave packer ABC News The PAC 12 says it's scrapping its divisional format for the coming football season the division will now match with teams with the highest conference winning percentages in its title game after 11 seasons of matching winners in the north and south divisions Other conferences are expected to follow suit Big changes for college football coming This is ABC News We check your traffic every ten minutes on the fours let's head to the dubin law group traffic center and get an update from Curtis Calhoun While an earlier closure of the two right lanes I sat down four O 5 just after 70th and Kirkland is wrapped up This was due to a fallen tree that was hanging over the freeway and really was causing a bit of a backup for drivers traveling through that spot so good news there Looks like earlier malfunctioning traffic signals on both directions highway 99 a 145th has wrapped up so good news there as well We also still have a stole off to the shoulder northbound 5 just after Michigan that's definitely still tells us a little bit of a distraction for drivers there Next northwest Travis get you 14 Shannon O'Donnell checks are 1530 mortgage dot com where the forecast Why there everybody's still very gusty through the remainder of our Wednesday evening but the winds will continue to settle down overnight We've got a brighter and calmer tomorrow to look forward to Thursday partly sunny skies huge body showers out there but we're trying for drying and we'll end up in the upper 50s to near 60 back into the 60s with a lovely Friday and finally should see our first 70° readings of the month of May 2022 this weekend In the coming four weather center I'm meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell Sounds good to me Right now partly cloudy skies 53° in Seattle Stay connected stay informed with the northwest's only all news station northwest news radio Good evening I'm Kelly blier and here's what's happening Bold signs the economy and tourism are flexing their muscles around Seattle John libertini explains One event this spring sells the value of convention business Of the hotels that are around the convention center their occupancy was 95% which we haven't seen anything like that since the pandemic began And their travel tells another story C tech was at 92% capacity back in April and the threat of COVID-19 doesn't appear to be hurting the cruise business either With these new omicron variants Do I dively use King County head of performance and budget You may get it but you're not going to get very sick and they think a lot of people are just saying that's worth it to me I'm going to take that chance The concrete strike has slowed the reopening of the convention center but maybe not for long says councilman robbed him baozi They expect to be doing some soft events this fall And then maybe a first early official convention right after the first of the year 22 of the 98 conventions that canceled during the pandemic have rebooked for this year John libertini northwest news radio Unemployment is way down businesses are clamoring to move or grow and the general economic recovery in snohomish county is going well according to county executive Dave summers Executive summers compares it to the recovery of the area around Mount St. Helens after the eruption 42 years ago We as a county will grow back strong and revitalized and really take advantage of the opportunities newly open to us We will never be the same as before Things will never be the same but we can and will be stronger and more resilient Somers says there are still plenty of challenges including housing which he says is still too expensive for most working families He says the state and federal governments need to help build more housing and right now they're focused on transit friendly housing as the light rail line is extended Governor inslee says the state will soon be buying a hotel's motels and apartment buildings The idea is to create rapid permanent support of housing for the homeless in addition to the many tiny house villages that are being constructed They provide people privacy They provide a roof and a shelter they provide hygienic conditions Usually a place to cook and in places to store personal property Also part of the program an effort to keep the state's freeways clear of homeless encampments Patty col tindall is one step away from becoming the next sheriff of King County a 9 member county council committee unanimously approved her nomination today with council members still had questions Can you speak a little bit to your vision for how we respond to people who are in need from a mental health perspective Acting sheriff Cole tyndall We already have a program called radar where we have a mental health professional writing with day law enforcement officer so that when they get that call the right person is there Her final confirmation is expected next Tuesday Another outbreak of bird flu again in Thurston county Jeff pogal has the latest This is the 9th flock found to have the virus in just the last two weeks All of them backyard flocks across 7 Washington counties Many of them with several different species of birds There's viruses super contagious It is past through the air It's passed through water sources through fecal contamination Amber bets with the State Department of Agriculture says whenever there is a detection all the birds in that flock have to be euthanized The good news is that transmission to people is rare and so far there have been no human cases reported Jeff pojo in northwest news radio It looks like the heart of Washington's agriculture is going to remain in a drought at least through the summer Ryan Harris explains Don't let the wet spring fool you It was good for western Washington but the latest map from the U.S. drought monitor shows much of eastern Washington in either moderate or severe drought Jeff Marty with the department of ecology says there's one area along the Columbia basin in extreme drought Where it's some of the lowest in a record going back over a century that chances of ending the drought in the last four months with our normally dry time of year is really pretty remote It's too soon to tell if that means water restrictions for farmers but the experts do seem confident that even though it'll be a warm summer record heat like we saw last year is unlikely They couldn't predict smoke conditions for the summer but with the west so dry we can expect wildfires that will have our air pretty smoky at times Ryan Harris northwest news radio From the Beacon plumbing sports desk at Seattle's climate pledge arena it storm basketball against Chicago right now in the third quarter The storm are up 48 to 36 The Mariners wrapped up their baseball.

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