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That thou board with. Those Bet You twenty bucks I can get you can't for the end of day illnesses. How they? Pay Debts, men, his manny it's the board podcast. Really. The and Right back where I. Could still pick winners. Can still make money for all kinds of people back home and why mess up a good thing airs pain insider and todd. Bet The board podcast powered by Fox Bent I'm your host Todd Furman join as always by my steam colleague and cohost ago on the only pain insider. What's the good word my man Living the dream, my friend trying to grind away obviously a lot different SPA? Eleven's living the dream. There's no complaints at all about getting a little Stanley Cup playoff hockey between the bruins and Hurricanes Brighton early, obviously, not the best news as far as the sports landscape is concerned, I'm not sure if we wanted to address that or just sweep it all under the rug but. This is the world we live in fortunately, and thankfully pain our beloved NFL is full speed ahead that will get chiefs and taxes on a fateful Thursday night early September. That's all we can hope for just keep during the content. That's kind of why with this point we've prepared for the NFL and we cut back college football prep fingers crossed. We get a little of that. I will say I mean when you talk about opportunity cost at I talked to a couple of other handicappers out here. You're one of the first guys tell me hey, look i. want to scale back some of the work you're doing on those power five conferences that I was plowing through during June and July terms out that was A. Decision at least a few of the leagues that I started with initial prepped. for May, ultimately pay dividends even if we don't get college football for real until late September I'm such a guy man. Aren't. You. I wouldn't go that far but I'll say you're a man of the people. Hopefully, our listeners have taken advantage of the first to preview podcasts we rattled off, of course, leading the AFC east and the transition for the Patriots along with the NFC that appears to be a two-horse race and pain before we get into the topic at hand that will be the NFC west becomes one of the more fascinating divisions in the entire NFL this year. Wanted to get your take real quick on all the players you know a lot of impactful guys especially on the defensive side of the ball opting out for New England, and of course, you had one of the biggest playmakers on the jets roster doing the same given the protocols in place for Covid nineteen this season the Patriots is the big one we've already broken down. The AFC says you alluded to that was the first podcast we did so. Go back and give that a listen. There's the best bet in there as well. But I'm looking at the Patriots the NFL is moving forward towards this analytical approach even more than it has over the last few seasons and similar to baseball with war. We can now track like this approximate value over replacement level in the NFL. Look at pro football reference. They are already said that the Patriots lost more talent this off season than any team in the NFL since two thousand three that was before Patrick Chung and dont`a hightower and you have. Your ace special teamer Brandon bolden. GUYS OPTED OUT If there's a coach they can kind of camouflage these departures, it certainly bill Belichick, but the loss is to me are just so abundant. I don't love all the narrative based things. As you know, it's really tough to quantify those but I think if you disregard them altogether. You're probably a full. I think you have to look at what this means because dont`a hightower is a team captain. You have bill belichick greatest coach to do it I think his style obviously grinds on you. It's GonNa wear you down. We've heard NFL players leave. New. England say like how difficult it was just wonder what these opt-outs mean because it's more than just health in my mind. It kind of indicates that when we're super bowl contender players are willing to run through that brick wall for check but when we're projected to be about five hundred. Suddenly don't WanNa run through that wall, and if there's any ounce of truth to that I, think it's going to have a trickle down effect the attitude I think it permeates throughout the team even for guys that have an opt out what it means when they see all their leaders. decided to not participate this season, the jets so it is. I was GONNA say I mean we know the jets and will, of course, talk about the impact Jamal Adams will have me get to the Seattle seahawks. Cj Moseley. D all of a sudden I mean, what's he played one game in two years for the amount of money and king's ransom that they sent his way. Tough tough between him and John James. Those contracts aren't looking so great. So that was your your leader in the middle of the defense huge loss and I think it puts more onus on that Sam Darnold Adam Gates relationship that we covered on the AFC's podcast that offense is going to have to be significantly better. Now, that is a massive loss. We know it's not a position that has an abundance of talent on the jets roster I. Mean we saw when Cj Moseley went out and they got hit with a slew of other injuries they were starting practice squad players as their lead linebackers they're getting chewed up and coverage. Moseley's a huge loss. Pretty wild to think about all the dynamics that will have to address handicapping. Of course, as we get closer to week one, we'll talk about the impact of fans in various buildings and everything else that a lot of our listeners veterans that have been with us from day one, some of the folks that may be listening to this podcast with the very first time we'll begin understand goes in. Handicapping, not just the impact of one player coaching scheme and everything else along those same lines. But I feel pain you said this perfectly talking about the relationship between Adam Gates and Sam. Darnold when you look at the NFC west, I think we have a bundle of unique quarterback and head coach pairings that will get to and much like we did with the first two preview podcasts rather than any. Particular order we'll go in alphabetical make it simple. But before we do that, let's discuss just early share briefly what the odds look like Fox back to win the NFC west. The San Francisco Forty niners of course are defending divisional champs, their price that a shade better than even money right behind the Seattle Seahawks plus two, twenty five. Then you have the rams at seven to two and it's the..

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