A new story from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


Does my sunshine Spring Sunshine. I'd carried away okay from the cutest therapy pig to a rescue little. Kitty Houston. Animal Rescue Organization is desperate to get rid of this cute cat. They say quilty head to be sentenced to solitary confinement. Continuingly leading other cats out of their enclosures. The serial offender was caught multiple times by staff at friends for Life Animal Rescue and adoption setting his feline friend. Free from the senior room shelter says hilty will not be contained. The has no shame. The CAT is currently free. Visiting with potential adoption family quilty even has his own merchandise now too much sunshine hockey take it. You've got a rescue cat. That's rescuing other cats. Get that freaky. Yes cats movie. They need to make a movie about quilty breaking out call it. The Paul Shank Redemption Morgan Freeman Steel. Narrate it it comes down to a simple show US really busiest scratch or get busy dying nine times. Also good luck to any family that adopts quilty the parents are GonNa come home and look around the house and it'll be open. The baby gate quilt is GonNa be like Hey I don't believe in keeping kids in cages. In fact maybe this cat should be in charge of the immigration policy. Instead of people who think it's okay to thousands of kids. Roy Moore Roy lightweight. Roy Roy I know this is important and we talk about immigration.

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