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Evidently knock one of the rocks out of the wall, and they all escape, and then they go to their mom's house. Because, they're innocent. I mean from their point of view. They're innocent, so they go to their mom's house. Well the Law Enforcement Officer that is their friend wants to get to the four. The other ones due to tell them. Hey, you got to give yourself up. They're gonNA come back and kill you while he's there talking to him. The other law enforcement show up shootout that happens. One of these law enforcement agencies cute. Well, now that's got more people mad into him. So the Mario Brothers are rearrested and put back in jail now remember he's lived the jails right next door to the newspaper. Man Who? Marlboro. Vigilante mob wants to go in there and kill the Mario. Brothers the inside the jail. But they've got to be quiet when they do that because the newspaper man. So what happens is they go in and. TRY TO LYNCH HIM Marlboros. Put fight and they can't do it. So, Vigil anti-mob lease do days later. They decide come up with this plan, and if you've watched the sense of Katie elder you, this is of the big scene in there. The Marshall Show up with couple of tax cuts to carry them. They're going to take them to into to know town. For Federal Protection. Now some say they were going to Jack Sparrow. Others say that we're going to Dallas. Some say they're going to weather. Different reports. I can't remember which one was actual one anyway. They were taking him to another town for for federal protection. They get in the wagons it with the interviews and everything you Kinda know the marlow brothers. No, this is not on the up and up because it's cold, they're not giving jackets or anything like that to carry They're under protection. Their guns all around them. There shackled together in the shackled to buy to this plays into the store. Their shackled to buy you got two brothers shackled each other in two different wagons. So what happens is they get just west of Graham at Dry Creek? If you've seen the sons of Katie elder is big ambush seemed say so. The Mario Brothers are attacked by this vigilante. Mom In this fat ensues. What happens is so the the chain to to each brother. That's CH- is chained to another brother. That does whatever okay, so the brothers that are living, grab a stone or rock in. Two different ways. But bash the chains to come free or they baxter dead brothers leg to come free or whatever? Both of them do that anyway. In this ensuing firefight that happens because the. They've got a friend in law enforcement. That's trying to help protect 'em, but vigilante mobs trying to kill him, so there is a gun, and then of course. The brothers ended up with their own guns in the middle that. In the middle of this fact, this man who killed who's part of the MOM. His name is Franz Harmensen. France Harmensen, whatever the way that is connected directly before Belknap is we have his suit. He was wearing when he was killed over in. On display over there and got the whole story with and everything. In the, he was The the label. That was.

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