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Bankroll in Irvington that crashes Gone eastbound side of 78 slow from route 24 over to the Garden State Parkway. I'm Greg Rice on 10 10 wins. And now the AccuWeather four Day forecast. Let's check in with meteorologist Ryan Thompson. Oh, Donna, we have a mostly clear sky right now it's been a beautiful sunny afternoon will remain mainly clear into tonight Put comfortable again Low 66 in the city upper fifties in seven land suburbs. Sunshine of mixes of clouds for tomorrow will be a warmer afternoon high up to 84 part that mostly cloudy tomorrow night Low near 70 very warm and somewhat more humid on Saturday with mixture of clouds and sunshine can't rule out a thunderstorm late in the day or a night. A lot of areas, though, especially during the day will be Dr. Saturday's high up to 87 more clouds and sunshine warm and sticky Sunday with a thunderstorm around, especially in the afternoon. High 85 real fields captures this weekend to be around or just a little above 90 each afternoon and sunshine. A few clouds for Monday and pretty warm and human high up to about 88 degrees, where it's 78 right now. It's sunny in Central Park humidity, 40%. When does variable at three repeated the current temperature 78 going down to 66 midtown Immaculata meteorologist Brian Thompson on New York's weather station. Content when winds news time for 33 restaurants in the city now fighting the indefinite hold on allowing endure dining again in the five boroughs. Ah class action lawsuit is being prepared on behalf of restaurant owners in Staten Island in South Brooklyn, some of whom say that with cold weather ahead, they don't think they can survive another winter. If indoor dining isn't allowed. Restaurant owners in Staten Island specifically want Governor Cuomo to consider their situation separately from the rest of the city. America. Blasio doesn't care for that idea. I think every piece of this, you know the whole city's going to be treated as one I believe the state has always seen it that way as well. And it's about health and safety. First. There had been plans to bring back into our dining in early July, But the mayor and governor Cuomo postponed that indefinitely.

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