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Glossed over the two hundred dollar three forty you know. Every time i see at three forty. It's at least four figures you know thousand bucks and up Two hundred bucks for a three forty is a steel. You know what i mean. I don't think anybody would argue with that. Except for maybe johnny moped because he gets all his cars for under a hundred bucks but Very cool man You did mention something about you. Know part of your job is your going to places that a lot of people. Just don't see everyday you know tucked away neighborhoods and things like that atten being a garbage man. That's one of the best parts of might that is the best part of my job. Also that and what's funny is a lot of my friends at work. Know that i love so much that i i mean multiple times a week. I have guys sending me pictures of cars. They see on their routes in a couple of guys newer drivers. So they're not used to all the routes so they're seeing all these cars some of the routes. I have done apparently. Because i haven't seen some of these cars and so it's it's really cool getting the messages from my buddies at work. Like hey seeing this or check this one out. So that's that's the best part about having a job where you're not stuck in an office or even in a shop all day you know the good thing about people's trashes you're out and about and you get to see you know these cars tucked away so that's a good thing for me but You know it's not the cleanest or or best smelling job but it pays the bills and buys me a little bit of mo- par stuff you know what i mean but great stories man Like i said. I think you absolutely have the record for most voice messages. Ever left on talk. You mo- pars and that is perfectly okay. I am not mad annoyed or anything. I thought it was great. I thought it was funny. Hand for all of you listening out there. Take take a page out of tad's book. It is okay to leave me multiple voice messages. And you don't even have to worry about saying anything about it. Just leave the messages. You know as long as i can see whose number it is. So i can't see names or anything like that but if i see the same number i know it's you it's all right you don't have to. You don't have to warn me about another message or anything. Although i thought that was funny to add it really made me laugh man But just don't feel don't feel bad for leaving me multiple voice messages. Enjoy it you know why. Because it's less reading that i have to. Do you know once. I get one story out and i read it and it wasn't a train wreck that tells me that the rest are going to be trained wrecks because i just after a couple of 'em just beat i just cannot read. I don't know what it is but anyways thank you so much for sending in your stories. That was a fun. That was a fun twelve message extravaganza tad but if you have any more stories feel freeman you know the number two zero nine twenty eight mo par.

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