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Anyone who's out in the community right now is exposed to covert 19 1 of his main message is for the younger Among us, and it's really important to know that people can look and feel just fine but still be able to spread that virus was the third covert related concerts specifically put on to reach out to those under the age of 40. Brian Calvert Camo News, a new leader takes over at the State Department of Health today, Dr Umair Shah is going to direct the local response. The Corona virus outbreak. Most recently he served as the director of public health in the Houston area for the county in which he would find Houston an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey shut down because of a covert outbreak. Details from Kemal's Bill O'Neill, the facility in Robbinsville Township, is expected to remain closed until at least Saturday. It is tasked with sending packages to a number of locations, including post offices in and around Trenton and Philadelphia. Amazon has said some 20,000 of its workers were infected with covert 19 just within the first six months of the pandemic. The Seattle Times reports the company will likely switch orders to other warehouses within its network to pick up the slack. Colonial common news very early in the pandemic. Advocates for domestic violence victims warned that stay home orders could trigger more domestic violence incidents. The fears have proven to be true, Como's Carleen Johnson reports in the United States. An estimated 10 million people experienced domestic violence every year, according to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence about 20 people per minute or physically abused by an intimate partner. Ramifications of switching to virtual advocacy meant everyone had to master new skills. They've also had to take extra steps to maintain participant confidentiality and earn trust of the victim. Never having met them face to face really had to change and become even more creative, most, especially because of the stay at home order, and this understanding that folks might be in the house with the perpetrator May then it works with domestic violence victims and spoken a recent national coalition against domestic violence on one event. She said. National Devi experts are in agreement that because of stay home orders, victims may have been able to reach out virtually for help but not seek in person help. And once things go back to normal. They anticipate the system being overwhelmed Cross the country. Domestic violence agencies are green that once this day at home orders start to be listed, were expecting to have a huge influx of clients. Washington State has one of the highest rates of domestic violence reporting in the nation, Alaska is number one. Carleen Johnson. Come on news. Hey, patches pals gather around. He will always be remembered as search out. I'm Cora when Haig Tv's queen of the Clowns was a prince of a man but first at 1, 10 and update on sports from the beacon plumbing sports stats with Bill's Towards just one Pac 12 football team goes bowling. That would be the conference champion Oregon Ducks accepting a bid to play Iowa State in the Fiesta Bowl. Washington, Washington State and several others opted out of bowl games because of the challenges of coronavirus. It's the usual suspects in the college football playoff semifinals. New Year's Day You have Alabama against four seed Notre Dame two and three. Clemson and Ohio State Seattle Seahawks are back in the NFL playoff tournament for the eighth time in the last nine seasons. Thanks to yesterday's 20 to 15 win over the Washington football team postseason. That's a new one Wonderful territory for hot safety Jamal Adams. That's a hell of a feeling, man. I'm sorry. I'm not used to this guy's Forgive me. I know you guys are used to You know, Seattle, you know, always going to the playoffs. Adam's former team, the Jets won their first game of the season, a huge upset over the Los Angeles Rams. That means the Seahawks can lock up the NFC West with a Sunday home victory over the Rams National Hockey League and the players agree on a 56 game season starting January, 13th. Seven Canadian teams will play one another in a realigned division sports attendant 40 After the hour Bill Swerts come on. In Seattle baby boomers, older Gen Xers and Children of some baby boomers have lost a piece of their childhoods. Almost Corwin Hank reports patches pals are in Mourning is one of the all time great Second bananas passes on his name was Bob Newman. And from the late 19 fifties to the early eighties, this man of many faces and voices was constant boil to TV clown jp patches greater operator Kirk Jones. Yeah, Gertrude with eyebrows.

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