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Go to the club house were Sega's working it like he does every night game in game out he's back in the house and we have sound here's the wild horse Yasiel Puig after the game normal high running the day saying I see jelly Mister Carlson are and a freeze by the long not because the ball and so yes money's coming to the board I said okay let me try and less things they only my serve can do the employee name next to where sometimes like a ripple common law summer stupid things that you do baseball war for myself and one for the team and this is one on the mail that one's died if you were really good before your first base second from the bio the forty year when you do it now I like to play the the way I play sometimes like I said as regular as in a stupor of sometime war and for the for Lawrence okay and I do my my you second base and god safe and please about a boy a stormy down was going to say do you do one thing is coming soon rise we will probably mall where the money and the team one one oz like a dream play the aggressive and that's what I want to do play aggressive everyday when I'm going now shop Hey Gary here I've gone bowl he may retire from the beginning I tried to see the.

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