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Control welcome back to cruise control fred and i we're we're we're waxing eloquently before the break about the kea kia's just adventure into high technology and we're very impressed with it yeah there's a stock we should try the spot i don't know is it is it traded i don't know here we go back into the seat cnbc thing we're not even gonna look so yeah let's let's talk a few more cars here and then i've got that review interesting article automotive news about gm of course they're very very hot to build evt's and this according to ken kelzar gm's vice president of global vehicle components and subsystems says governments around the world or determine how quickly the industry adopts electrify powertrains but there's no absolute timeframe when gas engines could go extinct he was talking at this essay international wc ex world conference experience this week any said that they're doing everything at gm they're still developing the internal combustion engine they debuted a chevy colorado z h two fuel cell pickup that's being evaluated by the army and of course they are building electric cars having twenty new all electric vehicles by twenty twenty three so i think that's the best approach right now to to a little bit of everything right absolutely you can't not continue developing the internal combustion engine they've gone so far just little tweaks can remain i don't believe there will be any bore a fresh piece of paper internal combustion engines well you know you look at that cadillac engine that's pretty pretty the four point two hot the that that is a fairly joe oh that was already in development but i think ten years from now you won't see major breakthroughs because basically the breakthroughs have pretty much happened i do i think you'll see like what mazdas working on how they're they're doing trying to get the diesel efficiency out of the gas engine i think see things like that just to comment on the chevy colorado z h two fuel cell pickup perfectly timed great product because the military is all about available off the shelf they want to buy things that are available off the shelf to cut costs and if they could build a super heavy duty chevy colorado and make it a fuel cell pickup that's quite and that i think they could sell to the army i really do that yeah they don't want to.

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