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To Michael Edwards. Now of amici. Galina tries to get around his defender and jumps over another sliding tackle ends up going out for a Corner kick. We'll see if the switchbacks again pressing up. Bringing their center backs up into the play. Stephen Echeverria will take his spot. Andre Lewis and meaty Galina follow him to that corner. Which facts have only played these corner kicks short. Andre Lewis, now stepping towards Echeverria and Echavarria will send it into the box Oxford with a header Tacoma on it, and they'll clear it out. So the first time Echeverria's actually went towards goal on one of his corner kicks and Oxfords header. Just a bit off target. Andre Lewis, now after Sean Melvin Got that clearance from Tacoma. Laid out wide to Tristan Hodge. 41 23 ticking here in the first half. Switch facts with the 21 lead. Michael Edwards, pressing the action trying to get it to Haji Berry at the top of the box was unsuccessful, but every words staying with the play trying to take the ball away. And now Tristen hard steps up to force the turnover. Now the ball played out to to shame back for Beckford fired it. And it glances off of it. Tacoma player And the switchbacks will Reclaim possession here. Getting late here in the first half. Switchbacks with Not be opposed to adding one more before the break. Michael Edwards to the near side headed away by Tacoma. Now they'll take possession and now a collision on the near side. With Sebastian Andersson and Alec Diaz. Referee says fair play Ball goes out, Anderson, throwing it in for the switchbacks now offered out wide interested Hodge. Watch. Takes a few steps towards the middle of the field passes off to Haji Barry. How to Stephen Echeverria back to mocking Gila. Your side. Edwards once again. Up to Anderson at the midfield line. Back to mark a Gila Over to Oxford. Offer. Put his leg through this one looking for to shame back for down the far sideline headed away by Tacoma. Defiance, Take possession, Just shy midfield and now a whistle. Will stop play as the switchbacks were apparently offside. Now, Tacoma quickly restarts. They have it in the middle of the field. 43rd minute. We'll see how much additional time is tacked on to what has become a very entertaining first half at Widener Field switchbacks take the ball away at midfield. Here's the shame back for it again, dribbling along the far side, one defender to beat And just lost that one. And as it ends up going over the back line gold kick for Spencer Richey and the Tacoma defined Just not able to track that one down, was back for good idea. Good change of pace as well. Ball around. The defender just couldn't catch up to it before it ran out. And Tacoma. Still living and dying by playing short out of the back. And right now they are dying. Now. That was the shortest gold cake you've ever seen. That one was rolled across the line, maybe four inches from Spencer Richey there before it was taken off his feet by Central defender. Mean, I know they want to build out of the back, but my goodness. Yeah, I know, right? Don't have a ton of size up front. But you'd think they could just clear their lines. Push up a little bit. Try to regroup from there. Switchbacks able that take the ball away from Tacoma. And now Jimmy Oxford to the near side. A little floater out of place. Sebastian Andersson was giving chase throwing coming. For Tacoma. We will see how much Additional time will be added to the end of this first half momentarily. Throwing for Tacoma. Nice little back Hill as they start to break back the other direction in the middle of the field and now across midfield, got numbers forward here Tacoma if they can move the ball a little bit quicker, and here's rob less holding it up, roadless. Raise it to the near side for Chavez. Chavez. Lays it down here and across, goes in from Villa Nueva and John Melvin gets his mitts on it, and we are being informed that there will be two additional minutes here at the end of the first half stoppage time brought to you by the Tick tock shop. Two minutes left and a half for the switchbacks to try and extend their lead, which stands At 21. Jimmy offered. Lays it out wide to Tristan Hodge. Now up to the shame back. Furred feeds Hodge right back. Now, Beckford. Mark and Villa. The middle of the field for Michael Edwards, Edwards to the near side. Sebastian Andersson, overlapping run here by Michi Galina go leaner turns on the Jets tries to turn the corner does try to leave it for Andre Lewis, but it's cleared out. By Tacoma headed back Towards the Tacoma goal by Sebastian Andersson Reclaimed By the defiance. Now they'll send it up towards midfield. Michael Edwards is there defending now? Bev takes it away. Gives it up to Tristan Hodge. Watch the middle of the field for Haji Barry, he turns the corner goes right through the teeth of the Tacoma defense. But the last line of defense able To dispossess the ball and send it down field now offered has it 25 yards from his own goal. Lead to the near side for Michael Edward Edwards up to the midfield line. After the near side for Sebastian Anderson Anderson back to Edwards. Patch of area will triangle there on the near side with those three players. Cross midfield..

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