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Maybe it'll be less stressful on my second one and she does remind me she says you know you're catholic pal which means your stuck with me for all of eternity there's no but there there's a lot of confusion about marriage these days i love that you bring up the suffering which is i think the most catholic answer you could give and very profound now were very confused about marriage their new definitions of marriage certainly by the logic of that ober shell decision it seems that there's no reason to preclude polygamous marriages anymore it ki the nature of the whole thing keeps changing even within one man and one woman the nature of the institution is quite different now over the last fifty sixty one hundred years people are getting married later there were different financial arrangements feminism has reared its ugly pink hats plaid head at you know there are a lot of things that who affected marriage is there any hope to bringing a consensus back to marriage or a week all going our own directions i think there's a lot more hope than there is despair and the reason i say that is there's a common myth that's float around i've actually heard bishops repeat the meth and it's the fifty fifty divorce rate and so you know marriage rights fifty percent it's not true that comes from a misunderstood garbled interpretation of a nineteen ninety louis harris poll and it failed to distinguish between people who had been married once and never divorced and people who had been multiple divorced in marriage and and remarried so imagine you're at you're at you're at a dinner party and others twelve couples there and one of the couples is liz taylor and one of her husband's so how do you reckon the divorce rate at the table right well it depends there's a researcher named shanti feld on who has a book on this and she says that for people just starting have never been married before the divorce rates under thirty percent now depends on on where in the world that you you know site that she's mostly dealing with american demographics but i think you're right about the bergenfield hodges.

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