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I listen i'm an american almost into the americas this serious tone if i'm in another country i i am saying this guy's all business i'm i don't know these bluffing i'm sure i mean part of it's got to be a bluff but man he is delivering these lines like i never heard before it's like a hollywood movie i keep thinking of harrison ford as the president delivering this now that you would never believing kgb put sitting presidents have delivered right he's doing it yeah the regime has interpreted america's past restrain the baghdad weakness this would be a fatal miscalculation now here's another thing that just pop to my mind he speaking east east speaking in south korea and he's going he speaking slow and very seriously i wonder if he's doing that on purpose for a fact or if he's doing it so that they can translate them so that you know visit all mistake now like that like the chinese are there yeah while with john slade i could be i mean i don't know but i liked the way he's talking here and it makes you lean in more it makes you want to listen more of what he's saying you get you get more from this then when he started acting like a toddler a name calling that's me not tough that's easy this is just this is tough talk a weapons your acquiring any speaking directly to north korea weapons your acquiring are not making you safer they are putting your regime in grave danger now and that is that's four effect because what the biggest fear of kim jong un is is losing his empire is being overthrown right is kgb his father and grandfather whomever they actually bill that is is number one fear and if that's the case and he does not a trump i think specifically put that in there because hey look dude your biggest fear is gonna come true if you keep doing this and i mean i'll be honest trump sounds a little unhinged and i think that's what you got to do with the north koreans i think you got to sound a little i knew done that before with the fire and fury comments i mean i don't know what would happen honestly if north korea decided to send a missile over to la or i guess i.

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