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I'm Barbara Kusak. This is Bloomberg best Bloomberg best is about the insight in the context. Get from our guests. It's a great way to catch up on some of the stories. You might have missed on the Bloomberg stories, you're not going to find in any other news organizations. Bloomberg best. Bloomberg's best stories of the day powered by twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries around the world from the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio, I'm Ed Baxter on this edition of Bloomberg. Best for Wednesday, November fourteen city CEO, Michael corvette on global banking. We tend to operate with fairly large companies US global multinational companies, and I would argue that their balance sheets are in pretty good shape. And then you're gonna discusses the price of oil. It looks like actually from market point of view more manageable than it looked a couple of months ago when there was a lot of anxiety. And that's why among other reasons prices zipped up eighty six dollars all this and more coming up in the next hour of. Bloomberg best. And I'm Doug krizner at Bloomberg world headquarters in New York. Let's check this hour's top business stories and the markets fed chair. Jay Powell said the US economy is strong, but could face headwinds next year as policymakers way how far and fast to raise interest rates. He also said there are growing signs of a slowdown in the global economy. Chinese officials are said to have outlined a series of potential concessions to the Trump administration as the two sides try to resolve their trade war, even so the commitments from China for now fall short of the type of major structural reforms. The Trump administration has been demanding. We are told the talks are continuing. And that they are constructive. British Prime Minister, Theresa may is facing a growing revolt from within her own party, and it's threatening to derail May's Brexit plan and force the UK out of the with no deal. At least two senior ministers are said to be considering to quit at the same time scores of conservative members of parliament or. Are lining up to vote against the accord that maze cabinet grudgingly agreed to on Wednesday, California's largest public utility PG was plunged into a full Brome crisis by the possibility its equipment sparked one of the catastrophic wildfires ravaging the state we had shares in PG and E plummeting. Twenty two percent after the company said it had exhausted its revolving credit lines, signaling growing, financial stress. We check markets every fifteen minutes here on Bloomberg began stronger against the dollar by one tenth of one percent to one thirteen fifty the Nikkei weaker by three tenths of one percent. Hang Seng higher by two tenths of one percents. Shanghai composite is up one half of one percent. The kospi is down two tenths of one percent. And in Sydney, the ASX two hundred down seven tenths of one percent. Global news twenty four hours a day on air at a tick tock on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. This is Bloomberg. League. Oil continued its losing streak today as prices headed for a bear market for more on the recent drops in oil, Bloomberg Joseph Gumilla, Elden spoke with I h s market. Vice chairman Daniel Yergin initial analysis of what OPEC pluses king to do in terms of taking oil off of this market. And what extent you've been caught by surprise about how weak demand appears to be.

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