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But first Democrats apparently turning the Kentucky governor's mansion below with Attorney General and the best shar defeating Republican incumbent Matt Bevin by less than ten thousand volts Bevin declining to concede however calling the race your regular at some polling stations across Kentucky Democrats also winning control of Virginia's General Assembly in governorship for the first time in twenty six years Virginia has now officially turned blue Republicans did win the gubernatorial race in Mississippi with lieutenant governor Kate Reeves defeating democratic state Attorney General Jim hood president trump praising the election on social media saying the G. O. P. had a quote great night across the USA perhaps an over statement by the president the United Kingdom criticizing its own universal healthcare system saying wait times for surgeries and other major procedures are at historic highs British government confirming there is currently a state manage list of four point five million operations a forty percent increase in the last five years in August two thousand nineteen just seventy eight percent of patients were treated within sixty days of their initial appointment a long time to wait when you are in pain forget red meat air transportation and your car scientists now say the human population is the only way to combat climate change a group of eleven thousand researchers urging countries to promote policies that reduce the number of people saying the process could be completed within a frame work that insurance quote social integrity of course the scientists reject outright murder that's what social integrity me it's in a moment drug gangsters killed nine Americans in Mexico should the USA go down there and bring.

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