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There's only been like six days of sports in 2020. So if you miss me, it's okay. 20 has a tendency to, you know, get carried away talking about nostalgia, but it sounds good. I kind of want to go to the museum. Now, as you can hear. I don't participate in that. You know, now it's like Johnny couldn't be course Not definitely all Swanny Louise Robert put on a clinic for the White Sox yesterday, Robert first pitch swinging a high fly ball. And a deep white centerfield starling looking and it's gone. Over that right centerfield Wall and Louise Robert is it his second Big League home run and the White Sox now leading it five to nothing. And that is Andy Maser with the call Right here on W. G. N one of four hits last night for Robert White Sox, 11 to 5 winners yesterday. They've won three straight seeking a KC masterpiece this afternoon going for this three game sweep. Pregame on W G. N is at 12 30 today. Cubs also going for a sweep will host the Pirates for one more last night of 43 win over the Buccos thanks to 11 strikeouts from Tyler Chatwood. Justin Norwood goes on the isle right shoulder inflammation. Justin Steal, called up from South Bend and Kris Bryant out of the lineup again today for the Cubs, Not feeling well has tested negative, recovered 19. But they're trying to be extra cautious with Brian so he will not be available today. On the ice. The NHL restart could not have begun any better for the Blackhawks, 64 winners over the Oilers now lead the Stanley Cup qualifier. One game to none. Five points from Dominic Kuba League two goals and a couple of tallies from Jonathan Dave's Hearts and Oilers again tomorrow on W G. N And T. J. Warren scored 53 points. A career high. Pacers took out the 70 Sixers won 27 1 21 in the N B a bubble yesterday. I'm Jordan Burn Field, W G N Sports and I'm David one on I'm Dave's one. On Chicago's very own Christmas around the world. Oh, yeah. Remember that Christmas around the world was fantastic. His fantastic Dave Swan is the heartbeat of the news department. Only a giant train set. Yeah, yeah. Train That was on the main mean floor when you walked in. Yep, yep. What about the coal mine whom the whole mine? I'm David wanted. That's one more place we go. There's one more place we can add. Delicious is the show where we got all kinds of room There is set up in that big lobby plenty of room for social distancing Exactly. I'm Dave's one on Chicago's very own 7 20 WG, and this summer is the perfect time to tackle those indoor projects on your list..

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