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You're not going to be on 7 quarter every day, but if you want enough gains, people have thought looking and you'll get to the national stage. So we just were about winning ball games and whether the cameras are on or off is not our problem. We went enough ball game to camera to come back, but with our way. Collage you can't see Todd Bowles. Let's move to the draft right now. Head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Let's talk about your first round draft choice. Would you like out of this kid in Pittsburgh, he jumped out of the gym at the combine, that is for sure. What do you think? I very strong and very quick. He's been playing a position his whole life. He's not just quick, he's very strong and he takes on double teams well. He's got a never ending motor. He always has a lot to prove he's a very smart player and we liked everything about him. He brings a lot of energy to us getting away from our typical big three down guide where we're kind of like three 20 across the board. We thought we need a little more quickness than he had that for. So yeah, I mean, it's Vita vea, I guess bringing up the average weight at the position, although I couldn't believe when he came in in Munich coach and he sat down and he said he was somewhere in the middle of three bills and I looked at him and I'm like, where? You know what I mean? Like he's huge, but it's all muscle. That guy's unbelievable. That guy's unreal, coach. Obviously and as big as he is very quick and he's very athletic and he uses his hands well. So we're not saying be the slow by any means. No, he just looked that way, but he was alone for us and we're happy we've got to keep him healthy. What do you think? Where is Cody mount going to go? Is he going inside on your line? You're offensive line second round draft choice? Yeah, he'll go inside and play one of the guard positions and that's where we're practicing the mat right now, getting accident. What did you think of him when you met him face to face? He seems like quite the character when I came across him at the combine. Coach. He's a very intelligent guy. He is a character and we got quite a few written heads down there between him dancing and co Keith. We have kind of three rid of his look in the flame. So this is gonna be a little comical that way, but he's a very good athlete very intelligent play in a very hard work and we did look forward to him getting better and better. All right, and this one's for me. This one's for NFL network coach. You've got a kid in a rookie camp. His name is cade Warner. He's Kurt son, you know, and I kept saying to Kurt, maybe this is the sequel to his movie. This may be this may be it. Another magic carpet ride, not to put too much pressure, but what do you think of cade? Coach? I like cave, not no Kurt very well, and I've talked to him briefly. Okay, this is going to make a name for himself. I think Kate is very tough. He's very the coach's kid. So it's going to be powerless. Obviously, K to ten times faster than Kurt, because he's a wide receiver. Wasn't exactly a running quarterback. Although be it, he was outstanding. Yes, Bill is outstanding guy. I like everything that Kate done thus far he's coming and put his head down and got to work and as we get in the past and then he gets the proof himself. I think he'll make a name for himself and doesn't want the sequel to that. I think he wants to start his own. I love it. I love it. Look, we can change the script algorithm. But what's your relationship with Kurt? How far back do you go with Kurt? Coach? We go back. When I was with the car and those and he used to come by all the time, obviously knowing him as a player as well, but we've kept in touch over the years and I think he's a very professional guy, the great person, period. And I have nothing but accolades to say for Kurt. He's always been great every time I run across and I don't have anything but nice things to say about him. He's like a guy. Okay, very good. Thanks for the time, coach. When are you going to get that graduate degree? When we working on that, when we got that another time yeah, that would be a way down the line from now. Let my kids have that one. Sounds good. Let's get that hammer. Let's get that nail. Let's get that. Let's get that puppy on the wall. And then do me this favor if you don't mind. Have your team social media crew, just take a photo of it. I think I'd love to see it. I'd love to see it. I will do that. I think it would be great. So congratulations on your hard work. And you showing your kids and showing your team about what it's all about. So I appreciate the time as always. You know how I feel about you. Thank you, coach. Thank you, Chris. I appreciate it. Right back at you. That's Todd Bowles, head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fresh off of walking in the commencement ceremony, earning his bachelor degree. In science and youth BS and signs of youth and community development at mount saint Mary's university. There you go.

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