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For us the people that believed that God gave us a brain to think for ourselves can see through the madness these left socialist believers had concocted against the president. God please have mercy on them. Some some of the Jewish people are doing today as it was in the Times of the Old Testament go against God will even after he had mercy on them state. GOP charwoman call Jordan word hurtful in Semitic. She's released in apology few days ago. I used words. I shouldn't have in describing political opponents of the president after they're much reflection and thought I now realize my words were inappropriate. Apologize for raising questions about people. Faith culture whose beliefs span a broad political spectrum no matter how heated our collective discourse becomes. You should never cross the line as I do not regret my conservative values. I do regret the words. I used Maybe the grammar too. That's always good for regretting. You look. They're more. I'm just reading through the teen. Vogue magazine is apologizing for creating confusion after what it says was a series of errors in the handling think of a post on facebook efforts to combat false information in the election this year the article titled How facebook is helping ensure the integrity of the election presented an uncritical look at companies purported efforts to wash exit interference screen shots of the story show with initially published without a byline was comprised of several interviews with facebook employees in speaking positively about their company's efforts to stop disinformation the peace attracted attention online many questioned whether it was in fact a paid ad. FACEBOOK has drawn Ron Criticism for failing to address the spread of fake account and disinformation on its site. According to Mashal an editor's note claiming it was sponsored editorial content was later added to the story. Sorry along with a byline for contributor Lauren Rick but she told Nashville.

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