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Off with Lipscomb semi final match up in the southern conference number twenty two Wofford faces off east, Tennessee State. That's an hour from now couple bubble teams in the big ten with a portent game today. Indiana has surged back into contention for an NC double A birth. They won their fourth in a row defeating Rutgers eighty nine seventy three and later, Ohio State a chance to make a statement, the buckeyes take on Wisconsin. You could watch that game on CBS beginning at four thirty eastern one thirty Pacific to the NBA one final the pistons won their fifth in a row crushing. The bulls won thirty. Thirty one one away behind twenty eight points from Blake Griffin coming up in a half hour. The Sixers welcome back. Big man all star. Joel Embiid after he missed the last eight games with a knee injury and beat expected to be in the starting lineup as the Sixers host the Pacers. Billy dropped their last two games on the road. And Fred coach Brett Brown seems pleased to be home. But when you say like, what do you hope for going forward is that I would forty going home? I look forward to welcoming Joel back into it at in the Eastern Conference playoff raise the heat hanging onto that eight spot there in action hosting the raptors later on tonight the warriors in action taking onto the sun's top prospect in baseball nineteen year old Toronto outfielder Vladimir Guerrero junior will miss at least three weeks due to an oblique, strain and a college football note. Former Wisconsin badgers quarterback Alex Hornibrook will now reportedly transferred to Florida state finally engulf final round play of the Arnold Palmer invitational going on. Now. Matthew Fitz Patrick in the lead at ten under Francisco, Molinari and Rory mcilroy tied at. Nine hundred one shot back. I'm Darwin's Zuck. Hey, it's DA be sure to listen to CBS sports radio at home. Ask Alexa to play CBS.

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