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I was awake so why not i won't bother to describe what was inside them just shirts and sweaters and dull stuff like that the only thing i appreciate it was a quite snazzy cap pistol seminal i got the idea would be fun to wake in my father by firing him so i did bang bang bang erased out of his room wildeyed bang bang bang party what the hell do you think you're doing bang bang bang stop back i laughed long daddy look at all those wonderful things santa claus brought me call now he walked into the poller and hugged you like what santa claus brought you smiled at him he smiled at me there was a tender lingering moment shattered when i said yes but what are you gonna give me daddy his smile evaporated his eyes narrowed suspiciously you could see that he thought hours poland's unkindness stunt and then he blushed as though he was ashamed to be thinking wadi he was thinking he padded my coughed and say i thought i wave met you pick something that you wanted now is there anything in particular you want i reminded him of the airplane we had seen in the toy store on canal street his face sagged oh yes he remembered the airplane and how expensive it was nevertheless the next day i was sitting in that airplane dreaming i was aiming toward heaven while my father wrote out a cheque for a happy salesmen there had been some argument about shipping the plane to alabama but i was adamant i insisted issued go with me on.

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