Roe V Wade, Congress, Aaron discussed on COVID-19: What You Need to Know


And the balance that existed is for Congress to restore the protections of roe V wade as federal law. Aaron, the president is saying, this is now on Congress that Congress needs to codify the protections that roe V wade had for the right to an abortion. But the problem is they don't have the numbers in Congress to do that. They've tried to do that in recent weeks after that draft decision had leaked, but it wasn't doable. So the president today was saying that Americans now need to get out, make their voices heard and in November and in subsequent elections, need to elect more lawmakers who will do just that. Not even just at the federal level, but do it at the state level as well in order to try and restore those protections that roe had made the law of the land. And it wasn't just abortion that he said was at stake. No, the president back when that draft decision had been leaked in early May had expressed significant concerns about what this would mean for a variety of rights that Americans now take for granted, and he reiterated that again today. He said row recognize the right to privacy that this is ingrained in the fabric of this country right now. That Americans have the ability to make the best decisions for their own health in terms of birth control. Also, the ability to decide who you want to marry. And he explicitly called out justice clarence Thomas, who, in his writing on this decision, called for the reconsideration of marriage equality and the right to contraception, President Biden says this is extreme and says it is a dangerous path that this Supreme Court is taking the nation.

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