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So he has been committed for hundred for ninety days at this point likely to be another one hundred eighty days added on top of it to the Idaho secure medical facility, which is at the Idaho state maximum security institution. Well, I mean, that's a dangerous society has been taken out of it. This is the determination that he is mentally unwell and unstable enough for the patients at any other sites psychiatric institution to maintain their safety. Right. So he's I mean, he's separate separated from everybody you high maximum security psych ward. Yeah. Is what he's at? Yeah. When I was reading the article, I guess he's been like sending a lot of weird notes to people. I mean, even before this. He had asked to talk with the detective before his legal team could be like. Boy shorts stuff this whole confinement or commitment is at the request of his lawyer. I bet because he can't stop. Can't stop at the Idaho environment forum. Idaho's new governor Brad little spoke. Yes, he did. And he acknowledged the climate change is real that. It needs to be addressed both to minimize it getting worse and to protect the state from its effects, and apparently climate change is obvious enough here that the Republican governor of one of the most Republican states who just won by a landslide might actually start taking it seriously. Well, he says he's taking it seriously. Well, this is one thing that he did he didn't break away from Butch otter for a couple for a lot of things. This is one of the ones that set him aside was the fact that he consistently disagreed with autres. Proactively ignoring climate change. So it is nice to finally hear somebody at the top say, okay. Yeah. This is definitely affecting us. And maybe we see task force in the future. And well, they already have something. I mean, he and governor otter signed this shared stewardship agreement with the agricultural department, but that was more to help protect.

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