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So instead of testing two million people a day people are testing themselves at a at a much higher rate. Secondly, the results are instant. You don't find out that you weren't infected for days ago. You find out whether your infectious now And certainly you can test yourself a couple of times a week. So even if you've got a false for his old on one test, the chances of getting a false result on two in that short period of time are very love. These would be a terrific tool to inform and equip people. I know before I get together with family members, whether I might be infected, I might want to get a test of more accurate tests confirm the diagnosis. But but we can be informed and empowered to take steps to protect others. Yeah, I agree, And I think these are to be more readily available. It's not like we don't have them correct away. What's holding it up? Is that the medical profession that says And not quite as accurate. So we're really not pushing these right now. Or is that the cost or the manufacturing slow process? Why aren't these more readily available? And why are we into this area of helping to bring these numbers down more or more quickly? Well, Unfortunately, our friends of the FDA mean as good as they've been on vaccines, trying to move this through the process they've been reluctant to approve at home test. Now you talk about the Madonna vaccine and the visor vaccine. And he said these tests these vaccines shipping, which is all great. The other piece of news came just two days ago, when the FDA approved the first at home test available without a prescription that you can that doesn't have to go to a laboratory. Bad news is that costs about 30 bucks? It's made by an Australian company, and they think they can ship about two million tests to us over the course of the first six months of 2021, which of course, isn't isn't there, but it is least shows that for the first time the FDA is open to this, and we're hoping that they will move to approve these much more affordable tests. It could be manufactured at the rate of tens of millions of day on can get out into people's homes, schools, businesses and elsewhere so people could know their covert status. You know, as they discussed the stimulus package in Congress right now, and it looks like they're getting close. Is there anything that would affect or improve the possibility of getting these at home tests? No more readily available and move the needle on that. Well, there's an awful lot of money in that bill for for testing JT, and in fact, there's an awful lot of money that Congress appropriated way back in the spring for testing that still hasn't been spent. With what the Trump administration did with operation Warp Speed is to say to Fizer and Madonna and AstraZeneca and some of the other companies. Look, we're going to sign a contract with you now. It says We're going to buy up 100 million of these things if you get FDA approval that enabled them the ramp of manufacturing. So once the FDA approved it, the truck started rolling. They have to wait to produce the vaccine. The the administration should make a similar commitment to some of the manufacturers of these rapid test, saying that the minute you get FDA approval, these things can start to ship and get into people's homes. Schools, businesses, churches and elsewhere. Well, in your estimate, your best guesstimate. What do you think The reality is August far as getting these available to you and I and our neighborhood drugstore. How soon will that be? Or is there gonna be more delay and dragging their feet? By the time they finally approve? It will be a moot point. We won't need to because the vaccines are already out there. Well, it's definitely not. The vaccine definitely won't make it moved. I mean, it's going to take many, many months asleep through the first part of next year before you get a sufficient number of people immunized, so we still got a ways to go with this pandemic, and we still have a lot of cases and lot of deaths that are continuing to mount. Um, you know, we need to know if we're infected. We need to know quickly, and we need to know in a way to protect ourselves. And are we making progress, though, Doug, do you think that will be able to get this? You know, at home Quick test that you're talking about in advocating for it. Walgreens pharmacy, say by first quarter next year second quarter That is certainly feasible and a more hopeful than I was a couple of weeks ago, based on the FDA, finally approving one of these tests, admittedly one that's a little more expensive and can't be produced his widely But they have at least taken that step. And I really hope they follow through. All right. Very good. Well, I appreciate your info this morning. I hope they follow through as well. Doug Badger Heritage Institute on the at home testing for covert If you didn't catch it when it was live here, it on our podcast. Just search for Alabama's Morning news on the I Heart radio. As we get rid wrap up 2020 2021 hopefully will bring his much better circumstances when it comes to Corona virus. The only problem is it looks like Joe Biden's Give me their president, Jerry McLaughlin joins us now. Take a look at the possibility of some pathways for Trump to work this all out as we see these lawsuits continuing being thrown out, Jerry. Good morning. Welcome in. Good to be here. Thank you, Jakey. Absolutely. So I'm with you. I believe there's a stench of a rat so bad in all of the election process. This go around that It's almost overwhelming and so pungent. I need medical care. So when you see these whistleblowers still coming through With more information and things just not adding up. What are your thoughts on the president's options and how we move through this? Well, based on my discussion with hearing officer so David just focus yesterday when he went with 45 election poll watchers and they Band. Every one of them. They won't let him look in Pennsylvania. He's got enough evidence there and other people do is to throw out those 20 electoral votes that lowers the threshold providing for a win from 270 down to 260 because you split the difference on the 20. On the other hand, with his 20 electoral votes that they were given to trump except his alternative slate of electors. Then it would even be better for Trump make a long story. Short January. 6 is D day for 10 legislators to step up the place if those 10 legislators But I got listed at middle American media dot com that Middle America media that calm people still list of them in the most recent video there. People contact them and they step up to the plate. I'll take one objection from one your senator and joint session on January 6 and one objection in the house and it goes mandatory constitutionally. Ordain, uh, subject sessions, and then each elects for not each statement intellect or gets two hours on each side of four hours. Right, Right. 400 some electors that literally will push the past January 20th that they do that. That means that either be an interim president Pelosi or interim president. Pence. For a few days more and so they work it out. And then when the smoke arises, I believe it will be President Trump. Well, you know our own congressman, Mo Brooks is pushing for a move that would do that, And he needs a senator to jump on board. I talked with Senator elect Tommy to burble from Alabama's well the other day, and he told me Yeah, he's going to sit down with Mo Brooks. And support anything you can do to make this happen to get this back into the hands of Congress to make the final decision as you mentioned and not the Supreme Court ready, it is Mohenjo Mo. From your backyard and then Joe from Wisconsin that will raise the first objection. Probably, and then he literally have a constitutional crisis and from that will emerge either. By the way doesn't happen. Nancy Pelosi because On the third. They're gonna vote from the speaker of the house and then in the sixth there, get inside. If they're gonna put that well, shortly after that, if they're going to be put in the alternate the president, it's a caretaker president. So it could be a dark horse could be somebody that doesn't like you might not like Nancy Pelosi That might take some long, sad person being the speaker of the house. We'll see..

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