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Other news this morning. The man killed an officer involved shooting yesterday morning and Fallon, Missouri has been identified police officer was forced to shoot sixty four. Year old Dale white after white pulled out a handgun during a routine follow up with a mental health professional the shooting happened just before noon in the one thousand block of mission. Hills drive. No one else was hurt. The former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Saint Louis division is found dead in the Saint Louis county jails infirmary, the post-dispatch reports Larry j Rivas was pronounced dead yesterday morning after the pair. Police arrested him Thursday on suspicion of domestic violence is not clear why Rivas was being held in the infirmary Clayton. Police are now investigating the circumstances. That led up to his death a plan to require public vote before deciding to lease Lambert Airport to private investors has died in committee, but sponsoring Alder woman. Karen, Spencer says there is still time to bring the Bill back next session right now, we have the. The public has no idea if they get a say in whether or not we privatize airport when Chicago was considering this the public was going to have a vote, and I think the citizens of Saint Louis need to know one way or the other whether or not they're going to have a vote or now the city is hired a consultant team to study the possibility of leasing Lambert to investors, but its final report is not expected for a year or more came watch news time is five thirty four Illinois. Governor Jay Pritzker is talking about what needs to be done to fight gun violence in Illinois, fresh on the heels of signing a gun dealer licensing law Pritzker says other gun control measures are need is. Of course, a ban on bump stocks that we should pass in the state of Illinois. Even though there's a federal regulatory endeavor that was announced that could be reversed at any time. So we should pass it here in the state of Illinois Pritzker says he believes lawmakers will tackle this issue during the spring session. He also wants to address assault weapons, but says that may not happen in two thousand nineteen and today is the third annual. A women's March the major one, of course in Washington DC, but there'd be one in Saint Louis today. It begins at ten thirty in the park across the street from Union Station after the March there will be speakers. And then a fair that will that is designed to connect women with local community organizations. They're they're theme is in two thousand seventeen we marched in two thousand eighteen we voted and in two thousand nineteen we act again that's at ten thirty this morning. It's now five thirty five. Courtney is gonna join us in just a few minutes, five minutes as a matter of fact with the detailed forecasts on overnight America with Ryan record the southern mortar barrier. They're afraid to use the word Wallin feel like there's too much stigma associated with after losing in the polls or the mall. Make it a southern barrier. That's more friendly. I guess barrier. Put up walls put up barriers. Counseling. A hedge doesn't it Howard's going put some really nice.

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