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The workforce And later the hosts of the new pop culture podcast like a virgin They tell me just how much they think pop culture really matters Why was I in high school like learning about trigonometry when I should have learned about Janet Jackson You know what I mean Yeah We discussed the new Lady Gaga film House of Gucci A movie the actual Gucci family has announced They were just kind of like no our family was not that ugly No our family was not that This is so embarrassing and we're like yeah your family's embarrassing That's why they made a movie about it More news you may have missed after these headlines Live from NPR news I'm dear Wheelman James and Jennifer crumley entered not guilty pleas today for each of the four invalid involuntary manslaughter charges they now face The Kremlin said the parents of the Michigan team charged with killing four students at Oxford high school this week Oakland county sheriff Michael Bouchard says the parents were found hiding in a commercial building after police received a tip We have enough early indications that clearly somebody helped them into that location and made it available to them And it was after it was publicly announced that there were warrants for them Bashar says whoever helped them may also be facing charges The CDC continues to report an upswing in coronavirus infections with more than 138,000 in the latest daily report Most are said to be from the delta variant But Blake farmer remember members station and reports that health experts warn that lower vaccination rates across the south may make that region more susceptible to a surge from the omicron variants COVID vaccinations have pretty well stalled out in several southern states around 50% and many Republican political leaders have backed off their encouragement to get protected Doctor Wendell and epidemiologist at Tennessee state university says elected officials need to understand that remaining unvaccinated is as risky as ever with the omicron variant arriving We need to let them know that now that if we can educate them then we're no longer dropping the ball they are Inman says her biggest concern is for communities with low vaccination rates They'll no longer be protected by other public health measures like mask mandates which have been all but forbidden in some conservative led states Friend pyrrhus I'm Blake farmer in Nashville Several European countries are considering how to resume a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan without recognizing the Taliban as legitimate government French president Emmanuel Macron announced the effort today while on a visit to the Middle East Terry Schultz has more The European Union has long said it believes at least a minimal diplomatic presence in Kabul is necessary but that it will not grant political legitimacy to the Taliban Now president Mahmoud says countries may soon open up a joint diplomatic mission in Afghanistan possibly in a common location that would allow their ambassadors to return to the country He says the security situation remains to be worked out Many of Afghanistan's Taliban rulers are under U.S. and UN sanctions Most countries refuse to release financial assistance to the militants as long as they maintain repressive policies against women and minorities and reject political and ethnic diversity in the government For NPR news I'm Terry Schultz and Brussels Quarterback rocky Lombardi ran for three touchdowns and Jake ducker ran for 146 yards to push northern Illinois to a 41 to 23 win over Kent State in the mid American conference title game 9th ranked Baylor meanwhile defeated number 5 Oklahoma state 21 to 16 in the big 12 championship underway now as Cincinnati and Houston the ACC Georgian Alabama in the SEC You're listening to NPR news You're listening to WNYC Good evening on my own Levinson New Jersey is reporting his first detected case of the omo con variant governor Phil Murphy's office says the variant was detected in a Georgia resident who had traveled to the garden state and had recently traveled to South Africa The governor's office says the woman is fully vaccinated and tested positive on November 28th She experienced moderate symptoms and is now recovering after receiving care in a north Jersey emergency room And New York has announced three more cases bringing to 8 the number of state cases linked to the new variant Governor hokus said today that the cases appear to be unrelated 7 of them have been found in New York City and one in Suffolk county the number of people testing positive statewide each day for the coronavirus has doubled in the last 30 days chiefly driven by the delta variant Local in recent days is authorized the health department to limit elective surgeries at nearly full hospitals and deployed National Guard teams to help with the staffing New York senator Kirsten gillibrand is calling on Congress to expand access to food assistance for low income college students typically college students must work at least 20 hours a week or participate in a work study program in order to qualify for the supplemental supplemental nutrition assistance program Gillibrand says the rules for students to make hard decisions Students.

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