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Of fixed. Very quickly easy. It could also it could've just been as easy as people tweeting out. Saying like, hey, actually, Queen Latifah Monique other people of size have starred in romantic comedies. You're not the first and she could have been like. Oh, yeah. You know, what you're right. Totally right. And I think those women for sorry in those movies won't again. I wonder how like because I don't know that that would have come out of her mouth organically. So, you know, somebody gave her that talking point fellas here. I am. Dolphin thing. Remember when she did the dolphin and she's like in pitch perfect. She. Okay. Really? Patty, good. But she wasn't was she bridesmaid rebel Wilson. Yeah. She's Kristen wigs roommate member. It was it was very sad handwritten book. Was the guy little Britain? Yeah. Oh, Matt Lucas. Yes. Okay. Yeah. That movie was about forty five minutes too long. How dare you totally? Right. This is overrated. Lindsey wanna watch this. I am secure in my opinion that that movie is overrated in long. Okay. We'll before you put Lindsay on your Deepak. Rebel Wilson has apologize. Look the whole thing could have been avoided by rebel Wilson, just acknowledging people's comments on social media or not saying anything at all. Because really what happened is that rebel Wilson doubled down on her comments that she made on the Ellen show when somebody pointed out, you know, and so then that cascaded into D bag even further. So we wouldn't have even been talking about this. If it was handled. You know, again, I feel like this was a PR blunder. Yes. So rebel which sent a stern letter to her PR people apologized and now we're moving on. I wanna give my D bag today to somebody who is no stranger to the D bag list, mostly hard D bag lists. Because I don't know that a lot of people feel this way, but Kelly Ripa, she's a frequent flyer here. I am not a fan of Kelly Ripa for a number of reasons, I am I have been in the past. But mostly not. Okay. Anyway, let me tell you. Why today? Kelly Ripa deserves the title of. The headline.

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