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Even. At three nine. They don't. Trey back again. I just think the Niners raiders have raiders at four nine too. So the raiders the two, oh, I see what you mean. I see what you mean. Switch it and another and get another. I got the Cowboys. Hey. See if both is not there don't you want him to get were Williams Williams. I wanted to get when he's bad. I want more defense. I want more defense. You get one or. I know I know and the the line the line is heavy. The linemen are heavy in this draft. We know that Lyman or heaviness draft. Do you want them being a forty Niner fan? You want them to go get Antonio Brown. If they can. So you don't like Matt much then. Yeah. I don't like them that much. First round. Not happy about that. Okay. All right, man. I appreciate your call. And thank you very much. Tarman rule out in San Jose. Yes, we're getting closer to the draft. It's a great great Bantu this week in the NFL me. It's going to be here before you know, it you know, that right? We talked about the NFL for twelve months out of the year because that's what we do here in sports radio. But. The combine. And then you start inching closer towards the draft before you now camps are starting. And now we're talking about first preseason game. It's going to be here. Thanks before. You know, it raiders already get Cuyler Murray. Who would he be throwing the ball tale? It's not gonna make any difference on that team. There's still a dumpster fire. They don't have a pass rush. And if they do get rid of car when that just be another lie that they told that they can't have too high one hundred dollar players. I wouldn't I wouldn't put it past Gruden what he's done what we saw him do last year to trade car at all. I mean, that's the Roman. If you're just joining us now jinx referring to is rumor floating around the NFL that their car might be traded because Jon Gruden has a fascination with Cuyler Murray as do most of us. But that right there. I mean, it just makes sense if you're looking at the Las Vegas, raiders, right? Just look at that entire package going into sin city the Heisman Trophy winner Cuyler Murray for the Las Vegas raiders. Oh my God. I mean his face his face. It will be all over the strip in three years from now people are gonna forget he won the Heisman Trophy who won the Heisman Trophy three years ago. I don't know it's probably not even playing in the NFL. But I just had the raiders I would be the best trade. They could do is if Mark Davis. Trey Jon Gruden to the Philadelphia Eagles, and then Gruden could lead the eagles to a Super Bowl. Just like he did with Tampa team. He can't win when he can't draft him. He can only win with guys that are already there. I mean, he won with Tony Dungy's team. And then when he got his own players you notice Tampa dived. Yeah. I mean, we've talked about that quite a bit. We've talked about that. Like, that's why I mentioned to you a couple of minutes ago about his his draft history. I mean, you could put a keep to leave on there for sure Cadillac Williams as well. But John's not I don't think jones-porter a whole lot of Rockstars now. I mean when he got to the raiders. But then here's here's the other situation as well. Mike Mayock as GM. What kind of position is that? Really? I mean, we're right one regiment. Kenzi was out of that job. We all know who's in charge. Right. We knew who was in charge. When Khalil Mack traded. Tell me Mike Mayock. He he's obviously brilliant when it comes to the draft. But John's going to have final say on everything. So Mike likes one guy. John likes another guy Johnson go for his and if he likes Cuyler Murray if John thinks collar Murray can win for him, and he loves them and he's looking forwards because again, let's just make this clear as nothing to do with the Oakland Raiders at all. I think this draft is okay. How do we build for Vegas? Unfortunately, you know, they're playing in Oakland. Again, we're going to have to go through that whole dances fans. But if he wants Keller Murray, I could see them pull the trigger on a trade for Derek Carr to get colleague Murray. The only question is to who and for what? But if they get Carla Murray now by the time, they do get down the Las Vegas. He's going to be old news he might even be damaged goods like RG three was. So you just keep trading off. Keep car has your stopgap until you get to Vegas. Don't you draft? The flavor of the month who's ever Johnny Manziel. The the kid at Cleveland who Johnny Manziel. Johnny manziel. Got an invitation from the af. Yeah, I'm sure. No doubt opportunity for may as well. After the CF L release that he had we know what happened up there in CFL is keeping keeping a tight lip on that aren't they? Well, have no team in the league can sign him. I'm going to assume that it wasn't anything that what if it was a ploy just to get the hell out of there. What are you sick? A can of I'm down. I'm done with this. I'm gonna I'm gonna play for the af. Which by the way, could use a splash know of Johnny Manziel would the he's taking us a big name. Don't you think at this point a couple of weeks so far with af the ratings are, okay? I like I like the style of play. It's fascinating to me. There's no major major injuries, by the way that they play. But I think they need a big name. I just thought it was fascinating that Johnny Manziel gets banned from the CFO. And now he's getting a workout opportunities. In the first place. I thought like you couldn't even go to Canada. If you had like, a DUI wire Sonali Menzel gone to that country to be Canada blame ca I don't know how you get into that they stopped at the border, willow. Wait a minute. Now, it's on an Amtrak with with pops years ago when we went from route from San Francisco to New York on the Amtrak and one of these stops in buffalo. And these Canadian cats, I mean, it was like number the scene from the untouchables when they were rating that one house, and they're on the horse's like those guys were dressed like these Canadian cops, and they're frightening. And they're coming onto the train looking everybody. They wanna know American American American American, and they're looking looking look they pulled this cat off for jumping on the train from Canada. Yeah. It was wild. It was it was a crazy scene on Amtrak. I know that they they'll play a round up north. I wanna have Johnny Manziel would do though. Do you think he would make that much of a push as got nothing? Right. It wouldn't be that fun. And just be interesting. Oh, Johnny Manziel's plans. We can for the Birmingham iron whoever his whole legend is based on the fact that he beat Alabama as a sophomore or a freshman. That's that's basically his whole legend is built on one game. I mean when was the last time, I mean, I don't know. I mean Baker Mayfield played in the big twelve but other than him. There has these big twelve quarterbacks they play in these spread offenses, and they just don't translate well to the NFL where we're talking about spread offices with the Arizona Cardinals. And if you look at Kingsbury, I mean calamari v. We'll see you think John don't you? I mean John would love Qatar back. They're running around throwing to whoever. I mean, if it's Antonio Brown. But I don't know if this for the last twenty years of vows tenure he was the oh, I mean if he wanted to drive dairy as Hayward bay, and there was something else you could draft. He was going to take it. You're going to do they're going to have Jon Gruden saying. Oh, I want the guy. I mean. Rafted Cuyler Murray is trophy. Well, how do you think would have been this weekend with all the speed that we saw in the forties? I mean, I would have been salivating all his draft picks. Our pick everybody everybody. He would have drafted Cuyler Mary Heisman Trophy. I believe that. Oh, yeah. I believe he would have, you know, the fastest guy. That's not necessarily. It'll keep you in the league is a special teams. But it doesn't make you necessarily a good football player. Thanks. I appreciate you. So you're just as pissed off as I am with this team. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, you're you're correct. This whole thing is about going to Las Vegas. So that's why I don't see them. Why would they want to draft Cuyler Murray? Make a big splash in Oakland there because I don't think think listen, this is just me, and my gut feeling look at what we saw last year, you think John is a hundred on Derek a hundred but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter though, they're building for two years three. But I don't see Derek Carr in Las Vegas. I just don't see that. I don't see him being the guy for that package. I just don't. Well. No. I don't think he'll be the quarterback when they get there either. But he's the stopgap guy white draft the guy for Vegas now when you're not there. Okay. That makes sense. Two years, they'll be another Cuyler Murray. But if he's the guy that he thinks he could win with. I mean, even give them two years to develop them and then move forward. And by the time, they get the Vegas cadre rockstar. He will be I think there's going to be a rockstar. It may be brief. And maybe brief. I'm not talking twelve years. We may have three or four of craziness. He's going to have a rockstar for one year was until Shanahan screw that up. Yeah. Tile, not com on bashing Kyle ever. In fact, I have great admiration for calcining. I love what he's doing. I really am. He's he's got me me. Lifelong raider fan. Callahan has got me excited for forty nine football next year. I'm really fascinated for your three. I mean, don't you think? I mean, there's so many questions. I was we talked about the defense secondary. But look at the emergence of George kit last year me we talked about kill forever and how how almost overnight. He became one of the best in the league at this point. Would you agree? George Kittle is a superstar in the NFL. I think so I've had this disagreement or disagreement. I've had this conversation with people disagreeing with me on that. George kills star yet. Oh, I think he is. Because you look at the top three tight ends in the league. Who are they? They're hurts. Travis Kelsey and George kiddle. Those are the top three tight ends in the league. So how can you not be? You can throw broccoli if you want. I won't argue it I'm not going to quibble over gripe. But he's on his way out. He's fizzling. Are they great cash Super Bowl? My god. The one thing that would be number of years that they've done it. Maybe they've done it a few more. Yeah. That's fine. I'm just saying George kettle belongs in that conversation. As far as being one of the top premier tight ends the league. The guy was phenomenal last year as complete threat. So just a forty Niners fan, though, this what you've gotta be excited about attempt by Robbie goal..

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