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And great for your business GEP software strategy managed services Asset managers who seize change to launch new strategies at distribution channels or exploit new technology to re-engineer the investor experience are often rewarded However in an industry paralyzed with complexity few act with agility or decisively few run their business strategically yet the most competitive managers in the market know with the right partner and a flexible operating platform you can Go boldly toward change with SEI investment manager services I'm Steve Meyer president of SCI's investment manager services At SBI we understand the emerging forces that will define success for asset managers and what firms will need to compete tomorrow That's why we continually optimize STI's global operating platform If your business requires greater agility our advanced technology integrated best in class systems and multi asset expertise can be your catalyst for business transformation With SEI investment manager services you lead the charge in a competitive marketplace Learn more at SEI C dot com slash change Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg dot com On the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick take this is Bloomberg radio Live from the Bloomberg interactor broker studios This is Bloomberg daybreak for Tuesday September 28th 2021 coming up this hour Robert caplan follows Eric rosengrant out the door at the fed after questionable investments Republicans block a move to suspend the debt ceiling and avoid a government shutdown Janet Yellen and Jay Powell take center stage today and testimony on Capitol Hill Top Pentagon leaders appear today before a Senate committee on Afghanistan plus R and D singer R. Kelly has been convicted of a New York court Michael Barr had Another big series begins tonight for the Yankees in Toronto What if I put ball in Dallas the cowboys beat the eagle That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg daybreak on Bloomberg 11 three O New York Bloomberg 99 one Washington D.C. Bloomberg one O 6 one Boston Bloomberg 9 67 Francisco Syria's XM one 19 and around the world on Bloomberg radio dot com and via the Bloomberg business app.

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