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So actress Christina Ricci has been a star since she was nine years old, but she claims trying to make your kid famous as child abuse, quote, unquote. She had a four shows a four year old son. And she said that he can decide if he wants to act when he becomes an adult. So, you know, and she also says that she enjoyed all of those years being, you know, the little Queen and everybody loves you it cetera. But I wonder about how good an idea this is for child. What do you think? I don't know that I would I decided never to do anything like that. I just think the the the pressure said your children, they mentioned it, and I kind of shut that down. I don't know. You know, I I don't mind them taking theater classes, they both play to instruments. I'm really I think it's wonderful to play instruments. I think theater is a wonderful outlet. I think it gives you a lot of confidence. They've they both done plays. But I just think doing it commercially. You know, you have to deal with the rejection, and your objectified so much. I think if they ever decided to do it as adults I would be fine with it. But she'll trial to actually ask the parent and says I want to be famous or does the parent basically pushed the kid into it? And I don't wanna more fame. Those more now than they used to because of all the stars. We've seen on YouTube, and they see how easy it is at a young age and reality TV, I've actually heard more and more from like, my friends and their kids that are getting to a nature they understand like I'm going to be famous too. And that's and they see how easy it is to obtain the issue that I've seen with some child actors like Michael Jordan, we've had on the show someone that. A good example. But it's went everywhere with him, and it was a big influence on. But there there aren't enough examples for me to say, they started really young famous. I've seen so many families take advantage of the kid being famous, and and that worries me I grew up doing musical theater, but my husband, and I we say to each other. If our daughter wants to to act, what do we do? I think you want to let them express themselves. But I think we'd be really cautious to in today's environment until they're me nervous. Yeah. What do you think? I don't know. I don't really know any kid actors, and I don't know any actors, but they get all depends on the parent and the situation and the set I guess you'd have to be I try not to judge other people's experiences, but Christina Ricci was a really famous tr-. I remember from casper the friendly ghost and the Addams family. So you know, I mean, she went through it. So I'll take our word for for. Adults to take rejection and criticism and jealousy. So you can imagine how uninformed you're just an unformed person in many ways when you're a child having reached adulthood, even in your twenties. Horns at the soccer games, you know, on the sidelines and not just that you'd drives you nuts with mental of the game. Then the kid is we'll know all the big that's one thing..

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